Le sigh.

I swore to myself I wold never do it again.
Get attached to someone.
 I thought I was doing so good, Not using the L word.
Not being all cuddly and clingy, needy and lovey dovey.

Then I log in this morning and I am stuck like this. 
Gerritt not online.
 No one is around so Keiser TP's me to a party on the Island.
 I scoot back and watch them dance, feeling like an outsider. 
I wonder to myself .. Why?
I feel alone I feel like my anchor has been cut.
Shit. I don't like this feeling.. 
Need to toughen up even more.

Sleepy Hollow

The horseman turns his head towards the woman..
" You are a fine specimen. Come quietly and I shall spare you a fate worse than death." 
With this he tucks his head into the crook of his elbow while motioning her forward with a finger.

Sleepy Hollow AV with horse!!!

Halloween's a cummin!

And apparently so is leather face!

Poor Ember, her throat fucked so viciously that shes still coughing up blood and  well
 ..other gunk. 

Get the full Leatherface AV with working chainsaw 
 (not free but wow!)

A little something.

I was looking through my note cards today and found something I wrote years ago.
 I still recall the emotions I felt then and I think this captured them perfectly.
 Please feel free to comment. :)

I see you come towards me , I stand there shivering 
.Oh so nervous and excited at the same time.
 I look downwards and see what you have in your hands. 
A collar, Your collar,my collar.
 I try to drink it in every detail, black and slim, a ring on the front for the leash.
 Oh my lord is this really happening to me?
My stomach is doing flips and I'am barely able to breathe as you come closer.
You stand before me now, inches away , I can feel my hair stand on end and the butterflies dance. 
I inhale deeply and close my eyes a moment trying to capture this in my mind forever.
Oh how i have longed for this. 
I exhale and look up at you a brave smile on my face, knowing that this is it.
 The moment I give myself to You, to Own to posess. 
I'm scared to death but try to swallow my fear as I smile and lift my hair off my shoulders, offering You my neck.
Knowing that this is right, You are the One for me.
 I wait breathing quick and shallow. 
You just stand there watching me and my reactions to you,enjoying the moment.
In this stillness you finealy speak.
 There's my good girl.
 I blink a tear trickling down my cheek,showing I'm not quite as brave as I seem.
You reach out ..hand softly caressing my neck, I try to steady myself.
Finally I feel it against my skin, I hear the lock click shut.
Hear your whispered word...