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I am alone, but for ghosts.

Weird title eh?
It's kinda fitting actually. 
I come online and stand alone, ghosts of past friends be it literally of figuratively rolling through my thoughts.
Then, after taking my photo & gathering the info I need for my post I log out & talk to you.
This may be why I ramble on.

This photo made me think of sadness & reflection hence the mood of my post. Hope you enjoy it even if it is a bit darker. 
♥ Ember ♥

Hair - MINA Hair | Lily | @ Uber Aug 25 - Sept 23rd.Hair Base - Just Magnetized | Basic Hair base, Special Edition 02 | Powder Pack Catwa, February Edition.Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ]| Mina |@ Kustom9 Aug 15 - Sept 10th.Lashes - POEMA | conga lashes | 20L On Marketplace! Eyes - LOTUS. | Formation Eyes, 03.Body -Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Shape -[ MUDSKIN ] | Mina | @ Kustom9 Aug 15 - Sept 10th.Pose - an lar [poses] | The Dottie Series.

Every day of your life is a page of your history

Morning, Dolls!

Ack, it is so busy in my house right now. 
I have 7 kids in my house & 6 of them in the room with me fighting over the game of Life.
I could do with someone whisking me away on a magic carpet right about now I'll tell ya!
*Ember stands muttering & twitching as she awaits her Prince*

At least I can pretend I am about to be whisked off here in SL!
If you haven't been over to Enchantment now to see, shop & hunt their 1001 Nights round, you need to! 

Happy thoughts, *Come on Sept 5th, back to school!*

Hair - [Runaway] |  Sherazade Hair | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - amara beauty | Lilian | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Nails/rings - *Pink Lion*| bento nail #012 -Maitreya | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Outfit - **Dirty Princess** | Jasmine Princess Bra & Panties | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Pose - an lar [poses] | The Constantine Series.

Enchantment Hunt Free GIfts!

Hi, Dolls!

I didn't feel like standing alone on my platform in SL today so I took off to do the Enchantment Hunt!
This Event ends on the 31st so I figured I better tell you about the free hunt  before it's over eh!

This hunt is different than the last ones Enchantment has put on. 
You teleport directly from their website of landmarks and hints. 

A word of advice. Open the teleport link into a new window so you don't need to keep tabbing back to the hints.

One thing I did notice is some of the stores have moved since the hunt began. 
I just took their names and tossed them into the SL search engine & if that didn't work I asked in the group. 

Oh by the way, you need to join said group to collect some of the items. Just paste this into your viewer and join for free -  secondlife:///app/group/b7849705-d288-f4bc-6487-1eb6b582e473/about

Here's just a sample of what you can find on the hunt!
Enjoy, Ember. ♥

Hair - *TKW* | Arabian | FREE Enchantment Hunt GiftHeadpiece -Whymsical…


Hi, Dolls!

Happy Weekend!
I started this post yesterday and well life got in the way of posting. 
I ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the fam. I may have fell asleep part way through but it's OK! I saw it @ the drive in already!

Today's photo is similar to the one I posted previously. I tried to make the background a bit less flat by using the pixlr editor feature in Ribbet but even with a lot of help from a friend I just couldn't figure it all out. ( Might have something to do with the face I had 6 kids in my house at the time, maybe.)

So, hopefully soon I will figure all this out and then I can grow & grow..
I am rambling again aren't I?

Eh, Here's my photo, credits with embedded links below as always.
Happy Weekend to you.

Hair - booN| Lab.073. | @ Hairology Aug 10 - 30th.
Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Headpiece - Azoury| Yamina |@ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31stSkin Applier - amara beauty| Lilian | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Eye Applier …

When I think of you.

Hi, Dolls!

I was playing around with different angles & such. 
Felt like sharing this close up with you all as it's still kinda mesmerizing me ha ha.

All info below in the credits. 

♥ Ember ♥

Hair - Damselfly| Shreya | @ Hairology Aug 10 - 30th.Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head Lona.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Oceanic Eyes | @ Applique Aug 15 - Sept 7th.Skin Applier - amara beauty | Lilian | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Lipstick - ::SlackGirl:: | Madame Lips | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Nails/Rings - *Pink Lion* | bento nail #012 |@ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31stPose - an lar [poses] | The Moon Series | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st

I'd rather hugs,

Morning, Dolls!

So when I managed to log in yesterday I wandered around using the SL Destination Guide to choose where I would visit.

My original intent was to take some pretty SIM photos but then with me being me I forgot and decided instead to re shoot this stellar hair by MINA
I already showed it yes, but the photo was too dark to do it justice.

I saw the SIM Everwinter on the list and squealed as it is a perfect spot to show off this style. 
Did I put too much thought into my hair?  I am a girl, of course I did! LOL


Hair -MINA Hair| Myla | @ Thereafter Aug 17 - Aug 27th.Hair base - MINA | Hairbase HUD - Myla - Catwa | Also available in LeLutka & Omega.| @ Thereafter Aug 17 - Aug 27th. |30% off during this event.
Head - Catwa| Bento Mesh Head Lona.Skin Applier - *Your Skin &Your Shape*| Kitty, Catwa.Shape -*Your Skin &Your Shape* | Kitty, For Catwa's Catya and Lona.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Top - Pretty Mess | Baby Crop, Black Psycho. Location -Ever…

Attention LeLutka lovers, don't forget to reserve your Powder Pack for September!

Powder Pack for LeLutka SEPTEMBER Edition reservations are NOW OPEN!

You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 18th and the end of the month. 
Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on SEPTEMBER 1st early SLT time.  
Order in-world: online: information: This round's featured designers - 
#adoredamara beautyARISEARTEDeeTaleZEssencesIzzie's[MUDSKIN]PUMECSlackGirlThe FaceZibska
 I have embedded the main store links above in case you wish to check them out while you wait for September 1st ♥


Standing In My Storm

Hi, Dolls!

There's a pretty rocking thunderstorm going on at the moment so I will keep this short. Kinda.

Remember back when I said I didn't have any body appliers for *YS&YS*
Well DUH ME, I had some in my inventory the whole time with this lovely kitty skin.

Man my inv is a mess. I need to redo it and re work my sorting tips while I am at it.

I have updated my KEY WORDS Post to start you off. 
You can find it HERE -

Let me know how much your inventory #'s drop just from those? Pretty please? It's fun!
Right, on to the photos in this post. Here's more from, you got it - Enchantment
Don't forget!
♥ Ember ♥

Hair/Scarf - +Spellbound+ | Shahrazad | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31stHead - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head Lona. Skin Applier -*Your Skin &Your Shape* | Kitty, Catwa.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Oceanic Eyes | @ Applique Aug 15 - Sept 7th.Shape -*Your Skin &…

Thoughts & Dreams

Hi, Dolls!

Wow, weekend's flown by! I didn't end up doing much of anything yesterday, looking like it will be the same for today other than the dreaded laundry. OK maybe groceries to.

I was so hoping to hear from some of you on Friday. I do love & miss some give & take comments on this old blog but alas my comment box is empty.

That brings up a not so new thought. 

Should I  stop with my rambling? Just go to Flickr
I mean I would still post who made what & where but just on there exclusively. Thoughts? 

In the meantime, here are some more beautiful items from Enchantment, Powder Pack Catwa & pr!tty!
Cheers, Ember!

Hair - pr!tty | LaLaLa | @ Collabor88 Aug 8 - Sept 6Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head Lona.Skin Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | Lauren # 102 | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Oceanic Eyes | @ Applique Aug 15 - Sept 7th.Headdress - LuLu | Akasha, Gold | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st
Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Nails - *Pink Lion* | bento na…



Hi, Dolls.
Happy Friday! you know I totally forgot what day it was again thank you Savvy for reminding me!

The weekends are getting full for me, much like my weekdays of late as I'm busy gutting the house I've live in for Gulp, 40 years!
We decided after years of unhappy condo life that it's time to move on and man we sure do have a lot of random stuff!👀

How's your weekend shaping up?
I'd love to hear some happy plans of yours before I begin again with my stuff 🙌

But for now, here's my blog post *ha, ha!* 
Take care, Ember ♥

Hair - MINA Hair | Myla | @ Thereafter Aug 17 - Aug 27th.Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - Essenses | Light 1 |Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Eternity Eyes 2 | The Chapter Four Aug 4th - Sept 1st.Eye Shadow - Zibska |  Hala |Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Lipstick - Pink Fuel | Shimmer | Powder Pack Catwa, August Edition.Eyepiece - Shanghai | Esther Lashes, Black | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31stEar…

Wanna make out?

Hi, Dolls!

I just love,love,loved this head-skin- shape combo ( YS&YS + LOGO ) so much that I had to show it off again. 
🌟I found basic omega body appliers for free @ Collabor88. YAY! So at least now I am matchy :)🌟

I paired it with a new hair by Vanity from Hairology and topped pun intended it off with this new top by TETRA.Also from Collabor88.

Anyways, hope you love it half as much as I do. 
Clone me so we can make out?
Kay, thanks, bye.
Ember 💋

Hair - Vanity Hair | Caramel Clouds | @ Hairology Aug 10 - 30th.Head - LOGO | Alexis v1.1 Bento Mesh Head | @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017  Aug 1 - 21st.Eye Applier (Logo) -*YourSkin & YourShape* |  Grazia, Tone 02 | @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017  Aug 1 - 21st.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Skin Applier - *YourSkin & YourShape* |  Grazia, Tone 02 | @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017  Aug 1 - 21st.Top - TETRA | Off-shoulder tight top | @ Collabor88  Aug 8 - Sept 6th.Pose - Le Poppycock | *Comfort Zone* | Cellophane Flowers (C…

Take 5 | Items from Enchantment & more!

Hi, Dolls!

So I most likely did not do this outfit by [Aleutia]the justice it deserves, *I just kinda suck at clothing shots* but I really wanted to show you this as it's wicked cool!  Head down to Enchantment and try a demo, then you will be all like: "Aha, thanks Ember!" You're welcome :)

Also I need to give a special mention to the pose maker who's chair I've sat my ass upon.  Le Poppycock makes these chair poses @ this month's round of Collabor88  & they are fantastic! I know her talent well enough that I didn't even bother with the demo's *gasp*. I just brought both packs. Well worth the price!

As usual, all credits links and info below the photo.
Happy Shopping.
Ember ♥

Hair - {Letituier} | Amapo | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Head - Catwa| Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - Glam Affair | Danni, Artic Catwa applier.Lip Stick - Zibska | Ambrosia | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Top - [Aleutia] | Aisha Top | @ En…

Enchantment Is Open

Enchantment is back!
This round's theme is  One Thousand and One Nights!

This theme makes me so happy. All the jewels, silks & rich colours.

Remember Aladdin? @ Enchantment, you will find items reminiscent of this along with countless other gems as the designers have created items to fit a theme within a theme much like the stories in 1001 Nights.

So, ready to head over yet? 
Enchantment's SLURL - SIM may be full but while you wait, I've made 2 photos for you to check out & If you are still waiting you can check out
Enchantment's website. Here -

Hair - NO.MATCH | NO.JEWEL. | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Head - Catwa | Bento Mesh Head, Lona.Skin Applier - Glam Affair| Danni, Artic Catwa applier.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Freedom Eyes (Catwa) | @ Gacha Garden.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Top - Luas | Fahima Top | @ Enchantment Aug 12 - 31st.Skirt -Luas | Fahima Skirt | @ Enchantment

Falling Deeper

Hi, Dolls!

I was playing around with photos as I try to wake up this morning. *Yawns*
I seem to be on a pink/purple trend :)

Happy Sunday.
Ember ♥

Hair - (red)Mint | Hair No.50'17.Head - Catwa| Bento Mesh Head Lona.Catwa Head Applier - Atelier Pepe | Ashley | Powder Pack Catwa July.Eye Applier - LOTUS. | Freedom Eyes (Catwa) | @ Gacha Garden.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara.Dress - Salt & Pepper | Anouk | @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017.Pose - Black Cats poses | Creepy nurse.

That Look In Her Eye

Powder Pack for LeLutka has been released & I thought I would take a moment to show off  some of the items available in the pack. 
For a gallery of photos please visit the Powder Pack website here -

Hair - pr!tty | Rebecca | @ Chapter 4.Head - .LeLutka.| Bento Mesh Head.Chloe.Shape - Essences | Grazia, Bento Shape (Lelutka Chloe) | Powder Pack LeLutka August.Skin Applier -Essences | Grazia #Paleo1 (LeLutka) | Powder Pack LeLutka August.Eye Applier - [ MUDSKIN ] | YOU ARE MY UNIVERSE  (LeLutka Eye Applier) | Powder Pack LeLutka August.Eye Shadow - The Face |  Sauce  Make-up palette (LeLutka) | Powder Pack LeLutka August.Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body, Lara. Top - Asteria| Irina | @ The Mesh Body Addicts Fair 2017.Pose - *{( konpeitou )}* | pose collection | Free Gift.

Waiting to emerge from the shadows

Hi, Dolls!

So, being able to blog The Mesh Body Addicts Fair has been such a blast for me. There are so many amazing items! I can't stop taking photos so sorry, not sorry :)

Today for the first time ever I got to try a LOGO bento mesh head. I have never tried this brand before and wow, I've been missing out! I was also fortunate to find a LOGO  Head applier pack by *YourSkin & YourShape*,  also sold @ the fair.  I used the eye applier, Head Applier & shape from this pack.* Now, I only had the head applier so I had to get creative and try to match one of the skin tones from my Maitreya HUD. I think I did OK, but I am betting her skin applier is as lovely as this face *

Is it wrong that I kinda wanna kiss my own lips here?
Guess I need to get out more eh!

Thank you so much designers for your generosity & allowing us to blog your items. I hope you & well, everyone enjoy!
Kisses, Ember

Hair - pr!tty| Sunny |Gacha Garden.Head - LOGO | Alexis v1.1 Bento Mesh Head | @ The…

Don't forget to pre order your August Powder Pack for Catwa!

Powder Pack for Catwa  AUGUST Edition reservations are NOW OPEN!
 You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and 16th of the month. 
Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on August 17th, early SLT time. 

Order in-world: online:
More information:

Powder Pack are thrilled to be featuring the following brands this month:

#adoredamara beauty.ARISE.ARTEEssencesJustMagnetizedModishMUDSKIN[Pink Fuel]SLACKGIRLSTUDIO EXPOSUREZibska

I'm excited, are you excited?? Hurry scurry, before it's too late!

I swear to be your bestie

This is a post that I collaborated on with Savvy.
 You remember Savvy right?  Yes, I miss her too.

This is her take on us and her photo is 100x better than the one I have, for real, my girl's got skills.
Find her post here -

Our online times have changed drastically but unlike other SL friendships I have had over my time here, this is one that never dissolves. 
No matter how mad we get with each other, we do the adult thing & Talk. That. Shit. Out!
We met years ago in a dark urban RP sim. I taught her how to find good quality products for the least amount of linden ( Hey when you start, you're generally poor yanno!)

We lost touch for a while then well, I basically adopted her and dragged her over to the club I hung out at. We've been tight ever since.
P.s. I had a book written here about our friendship but I didn't want to shock you into early graves or bore you to sleap with all these words so Here's …

Mesh Body Addicts Fair Is Open!

Hi, Dolls!

The Mesh Body Addicts Fair Is Open!!!!

I have as promised shown you a ton of stuff already but be ready for much, much more as I love so much from this event!
Today I am showing off this very fun dark skin by LURE:.Great for if you RP a dark Fae or Demon! I couldn't resist using Izzie's Colour Explosion paint splatter all over myself as the dark skin created a perfect canvas for it to all stand out. Also worn today are my nails by SlackGirl. I am LOVING all her mesh nails, as I have been looking for mesh nails with little add on's for quite a while now. These come with a ring around one nail. So fun!  Also, her prices are always quite fair for what you get.  I felt with the darkness of these photos that Ama's Eye see everything Rings would go well as one of the rings has a little colour change eye ball. The Maitreya size is experimental though so make sure you demo. (They fit me pretty well)

So that's it for today. Soon I will have news from Powder Pack &…