Enchantment Hunt Free GIfts!

Hi, Dolls!

I didn't feel like standing alone on my platform in SL today so I took off to do the Enchantment Hunt!
This Event ends on the 31st so I figured I better tell you about the free hunt  before it's over eh!

This hunt is different than the last ones Enchantment has put on. 
You teleport directly from their website of landmarks and hints. 
A word of advice. Open the teleport link into a new window so you don't need to keep tabbing back to the hints.
 One thing I did notice is some of the stores have moved since the hunt began. 
I just took their names and tossed them into the SL search engine & if that didn't work I asked in the group. 

Oh by the way, you need to join said group to collect some of the items. Just paste this into your viewer and join for free -  secondlife:///app/group/b7849705-d288-f4bc-6487-1eb6b582e473/about

Here's just a sample of what you can find on the hunt!
Enjoy, Ember.