RaNdOm GoOdIeS

Outfit ~ PARADIDIS ~ Suscribo gift.
Skin ~*JeSyLiLO*:::Xmas:::*LightSkin*J2~ Not free
Hair ~ Diva ~ Group gift in store
Eyes ~ Poetic Colors ~ Christmas freebie
Shape ~By me~

 Outfit ~ Barbie Bitch ~ Free on marketplace
Skin ~ Inka ~ Sarah skin* Not free*

Looks like a winter painting almost doesn't it?
Well It isn't. This is PRIME's offering for the POE Hunt.
It is a giant snow globe to sit in. In this you will find..
Fur rug, pillows a fireplace and peace doves .
Sit by the cosy fire, the snow swirling around you and your loved one while the music plays.
Touch the pillows to acitivate the extensive XPOSE menu!!
All free here as of December 1'st I believe.


I found 3 or 4 gifts all clustered round the suscribo.

Above is a hunt prize Look for Holly leaves.

 This is their sexy little fall gift.

This bra and pantie combo is from their sexy little gift 2

All hair is from S.Town ~Free~ HERE


 Short sweet and to the point today .
Happy shopping.

Chain suit~ Luna's Boutique (Group gift)
Hair~ Boon (Group gift in store)
Skin ~JeSyLiLO ~New winter skin in pale ( Not free)

 Hair ~ Diva (Group gift in store)
Eyes~ Inka (Free)
Skin~ JeSyLiLO (Not free but oh so cute!!) 
Thank you JeSyLiLO

Hair~ Diva ( Group gift in store)
Outfit~ Blue Goose (One of the many hunt gifts from there)

Will You Be My Dirty Little Secret?

OK. So I do a lot of hunts in Second Life and don't blog many but I am dying to let you in on this
Dirty Little secret..
Yes you guessed it.. The Dirty Little Secret Hunt
It runs from October 25th to November 25th 
So there is still time to do this 87 store Grid wide hunt.
I have honestly been impressed with the quality of the gifts provided. 
Thank you creators! 
Below I will post a few of my favorites.

 The Oriental day bed from Maven's Home Furnishings
My outfit is from K K Designs
Force's smexy set is from Carries Lingerie

In this photo I am wearing Alexohol's gift.
Force is wearing Jungle Jane from Kastle Rock Coture..
( We had a lot of fun with this one the other night!!)

Seriously folks there is sooo many good gifts. I've kept 90% so far!!
Will post a few more photos soon I think.
Until then, happy hunting!


 I just checked it out and Oh so pretty skins.
I am wearing one of their newest releases  Mony .
I adore the parted lip look and she nails it!

 Budget say that you can't buy new skin?
Well check out their freebies! 
I <3 the cute little hot pants.

They also have yummy mens skins..
when I put this avatar together for the photo I got this comment..
" You know Ember. For a girl you make a really hot guy!"
So boys JeSyLiLO is an option for your skin needs..
Check them out!

Also if your budged doesn't have room for new skin check  the freebie area.
I love it when designers provide a few,
then you get a real feel for what they can do.
Run over to JeSyLiLO and check them out!!!



 Eh, enough of that nonsense.
I just couldn't think of anything else to write ^^

Anyhoo so I wandered over to Sassy kitty  and checked around for the hunt items there.
I found this fantastic dress from the Dirty Turkey Hunt..
Go get it .. 
not shown here but the shoes are AMAZING.. 
And did I mention FREE?

Also I am a group member of Posies.. 
This group is great the creator is so generous.
The poses I am using today are from the November group gift . 
It's called Sorcerer and comes with the orb. 
How fun !!
Thank you Posies!

Like my shape? 
You can grab it FREE @ amperlope 

Also worn in this post.

 Lashes: amperlope (not free but not expensive)
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat  ~ Chai anxiety hair~(FREE)
Skin: Mynerva ~Plain Jane (Not free)

For the love of fall.

FTLO Fall Hunt has started.
Here a re a few of the prizes to be found.

 It's Cake ( Starting point)

      Amperlope Gold leaf lashes.

 Acid & Mala Fall sweater

 Tyranny jersey lump & tweed pants

MiaSnow fresh skin

Happy hunting Treasures
<3 Ember xoxo.


Little Britain's newest RP avatar. So realistic.
If you are looking to give people nightmares this is the place to start!
(Not free)

Also some free shoes and collar. 
Male and female t shirts + 2 lucky chairs and MM boards..
Come on down to LBD!
Where there is something for everyone!


A night of romance

 Worn in this photo:
Hair~ Diva~ Group gift
Skin~ Belleza~ Group gift (join fee)
Dress~ STC~ Group gift

Worn in this photo:
Hair~ Analog Dog~ Free
Lingerie~ Seldom Blue~ 1L
Skin~ Belleza~ Group gift

Attention Kinksters!

Ever want to try puppy play?

Well now's your chance. 
K9 Creations has a big box right as you land.
The Designer has made all the stuff they've ever made full perm and FREE.
I'm not sure The why's of it but wish them well in their future endeavors...

Aww,  Do I make a pretty puppy or what?

Thank you  for your generous gift Alexie Birman!