Full Moon Rising

Ever wish to Role Play a werewolf? 
Well the full moon is coming up and Little Britain has come up with just the thing for you! 
Rise of the Lycan.    This is a complete avatar .
The claws can extend witch puts you in combat stance.
This is very cool people. I personally play a Neko but am kinda considering switching to wolf just to use this avatar!.
It also has sound effects, howling and growling..Too cool!

Some more xxx

This sexy dress is hunt gift #37 from Kat .

And this sumptuous lingerie is a whole fat pack from .:FB:. Fabienne Bolissima Coture #3 on the hunt.

 My hairs are free for group members from DIVA

Also not to be missed is the hunt gift from PRIME a bondage chandelier  Has to be tried to be believed. Go now RUN  get free stuff!!

Kisses and leg humps,

Just out of curiosity...

I was wondering, How large is YOUR inventory?
Mine is over 33 thousand items (unsorted)
 I wanna know about yours..
Am I a crazy shopaholic? Or average.. 
Please leave a comment and let me know whether I need therapy !!

Kisses, Em xoxo

Treasure Hunt @ Little Britain Design

I logged in this morning to my Little Britain group all a buzz about a hunt..
A hunt you say? 
*Checks notices*
Ah here we go... 

Come along to Little Britain Designs Treasure Hunt today to see what you can Find.Through the land we have hidden 16 treasure chests (soccer balls) each containing an item of clothing.There is Some Really cool soccer shirts,sets,jeans,track jackets and other items to be found.The chests are copy so no matter how many of you comes to hunt you will all get the gifts.
Hunt starts now and will end up same time on Sunday. 
Happy hunting !! :D

New Eyes @ Poetic Colors !!!

 Head on over to Poetic Colors and grab your free pair of their newest collection Cosmic dream eyes.


XXX With Essential Soul and Magika!

Alrighty Folks,
sorry it's taken me so long between posts but I have been busy doing the XXX hunt.
This is a fun one for the adults of SL. 
Many naughty shops involved! 
It runs from June 1st to 30th and you are looking for a red xxx.
If you get stuck there is an in world group to join and also a blog for more hints.


I also wanted to take the time to blog Essential Soul Poses.
I received a notice through their suscribo that they have re opened. So off I toddle to check it out.
While you are there drooling over the mass amounts of couple/friends poses be sure to joint their group.
Once joined head to the desk and claim your group gift.

While poking around I found a ton of poses for 1L each and a hunt gift from the Dark Kat hunt.
Also wouldn't hurt to add it to your picks 
because soon they will be putting up a 
Reward for Pick thingamabob.

Ember smiles, I know this post is all over the place but hey what can you do .All poses are the 1l ones form ES , clothing from the XXX Hunt  Except the pretty white dress which is a group gift from Luna's Boutique. The hair is Magika. The one with the hat is their new suscribo gift!

Peace out people.
And Happy hunting
Ember, xoxo