Just out of curiosity...

I was wondering, How large is YOUR inventory?
Mine is over 33 thousand items (unsorted)
 I wanna know about yours..
Am I a crazy shopaholic? Or average.. 
Please leave a comment and let me know whether I need therapy !!

Kisses, Em xoxo


  1. Last I checked I'm up to about 4,700 items and this is after cleaning up after my most recent round of hunts. It seems like a lot to me, especially considering that I'm only 58 days old. :D

  2. Yes you are on the fast track there. But hey at least you are cleaning it up that is the key I think. Trust me Ember's Inv is a write off, it'll take me months to sort it all. Le sigh.That's my next project I should think.

  3. Oh and being a hunter. If you ever wish to blog your finds, let me know :)

  4. I clean it because I am terrified that one day, I'll buy the same thing twice. I have a friend on there that does it frequently because of the size of his invo (it's in the 5-digits as well, I believe).

    Well I've got nothing more than a laptop that can only handle SL at the lowest setting with 3 FPS. D: So hunts for me either end halfway or they better be short, not to mention taking pics is difficult. Though I got through the Shooting Star hunt pretty quick.

  5. Do me a favor, Give me a shout in world. Don't need pictures to blog. just a good sense of fun and decent slurls!(Ember Randt)

  6. 53,351 unsorted.

    Probably half are copies of Nikala's free butt plug from BP.
    *is click-happy*

    Anyone want a job?
    Sans the butt plug of course.

  7. LOL. The amount of times I've tried to get myself an inventory minion *shakes her head*
    Good Luck with that!!

  8. 42378 unsorted... at least 3000 are items called "object" and "new script" which I'll rez one day and name properly (Like F i will!).

  9. 21k I am ruthless in tidying and sorting it out, lol now that is very sad

  10. 105,970 items to date, and utterly sorted into dozens upon dozens of sub folders. I do believe I might have a problem with collecting, now that I've seen the numbers here. *frets*

  11. /me pets you soothingly.."Hush now.. Really, you've sorted well and you have a system. It's not like rl hording. Just relax and enjoy your massive walk in closet!"

  12. /me hides her head in shame...Ummm....77,333 (majorly organized)itmes and I am just shy of 200 days. *Blushes* I think I need an intervention. *LOL* And this is long after I got rid of all those noob clothes, hairs, skins, etc...

  13. 165,382 sorted sort off. many objects unopened still collecting more lol

    maria Zauberflote


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