Newness and Exploring :3

Its the weekend \o/
Right before one of my favorite holidays too!
Sorry for the slow posting.  I've been super busy and so has Em.
But, I'm a married woman now so I 'should' have more time to blog!
That's unless more shinies come my way...
Or animals, then songs, then pink... what was I talking about?
So I often peruse the destination guide.
Today I stumbled across a place called 'The Trace'
Its a gorgeous sim.  Great for pictures or just exploring.
You should go HERE and explore for yourself!
And I figured it was a perfect place to show off Ducknipple's newness.

First up is the Cowl Dress.
6 different colors to choose for the top.
Also, 6 different stripe pattern.
I have mentioned time and time again I love Ducknipple's hud system.
Saves my inventory so much room.
The hair is Magika's Honest.
Btw, in case you've been in hiding.
Magika has been having a half off sale on ALL their hair!
Hurry over and grab up some for yourself.

This outfit is comprised of the Off Shoulder Duo and the Hippy Jeans.
The Off Shoulder Duo comes with a hud to change the color part.
The hair is Magika Rewind.

I fell in love with Magika's Clumsy hair and hood.
And this Centuur Dress is another new find from Ducknipple.
Again it comes with the hud with color change options! :3

This classy number is called the Cord Dress.
6 options to choose from the Hud.
I paired it with the Magika Forget.

Ducknipple is HERE
Magika is HERE

See everyone soon!
xoxoxox - Savvy

Happy happy birthday!

Seraphim is turning 2!
Thats like, uber old in SL years! :D
Their blog is HERE
Buuuuttttt even if it is their birthday, YOU benefit our lovely readers.
They have an entire floor of freebies at their headquarters.
I have just a itty bitty samplin of the goodness.

First is this lovely formal dress from JStylez.
Its called JStylez Sheryl MESH Gown *Black*
The dress is mesh, but the bottom is flexi to add that realistic movement to it. 

The top in this picture is from AMERICAN BAZAAR.
The Folichonne Top Brown Leather is mesh and just a little naughty ;3
Then the jeans are from [:Mirror's Enigma:]
They are skinny and blue and just... perfect!

Finally was this adorable outfit from SAKIDE
Its called the Blossom Dress.
It has a layered body suit, then a mesh dress draped over it for an adorable, layered look.

Did I mention all these, plus tons more gifties are... FREE?
Just tp HERE
Join the FREE Group.
Then head upstairs and grab ALL the things for yourself!!!

xoxoxox - Savvy

Feelin Sassy...Again :P

I saw Sassy!'s hunt gift that Savvy blogged yesterday and flew over to get it.
I spent some time drooling over their very well made clothing .
Then this morning much to my pleasant surprise I get a bloggers box dropped on me with the hunt gift and two more outfits. I have been living in the hunt gift since I got it but have to show you these other sexy numbers.

For the Boobies Show, Sassy!'s exclusive new release there is the Ingenue dress.  A sexy two-toned contoured dress with a mesh skirt prim.  Appliers are included.
 Of course I picked the pink one ♥

And the Hello Titty hunt is on again!!!
Sassy! has this super sexy zebra tank dress !
The Hello Titty Hunt Hunt 2 runs from June 15 through July 15th.

Photo #1

Hair: Truth, Charlzie ~ Light blondes1.
Skin: Snow Rabbit ~ Nea.

Photo #2

Hair: Wasabi Pills~ Lory mesh ~ash ( rare) from the Arcade Gatcha
Skin: Snow Rabbit ~ Nea.

OKI, love ya lots. see ya tomorrow ~maybe :P
Emmy xoxo.

Endless Summer Hunt

Its finally summer for most peeps! \o/
Lakes, ocean, pools seem to be the theme around these parts.
(with the high temps and humidity where I call home its no wonder!)
So since it was so hot today, I decided to camp by the AC and hit the Endless Summer Hunt.
Its hosted by =Razor= and consists of 100 stores.
Most of my favorite places were on this list :3

First up...
The top and shorts were 1hundred's giftie.
The ink is from Endless Pain Tattoos (shout out to this store, LOVE her tattoos!)
And last but not least, the shoes were from =Razor=
Here's a better picture of the shoes.

Sakide has this adorable outfit out.
Its a croquet bikini in pink or creme color.
And it comes with the flower for your hair, and the skirt so you can walk out of the water and get right back to hunting :D

Last but CERTAINLY not least.
Sassy! has this gorgeous little beach dress.
Its slightly sheer on the bottom, but never to fear!  Sassy! has provided you with panties.
Oh yeah, today is National No Panties Day!
So have a wonderful, bare bottom afternoon!!

Info on the hunt is HERE

xoxoxox - Savvy

Late nights

So, I've been suffering from insomnia lately.
But good news for all ya'll gorgeous readers.
Because I get to see newness and spread the news!

First is from SLX.

The Summer Outfit is aptly named.
The Dress comes with a hud that gives you 5 choices to select from.
Then like all SLX outfits, it comes with the jewelry, shoes, and dress!
All for 95L HERE

Next is from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*

The [*RD*]*Summer Time comes in 9 different colors sold separately.
The skirt is mesh, the shirt is layered.
And it includes Tango Appliers.
However SL was being mean and not rezzing my Tangos for me.
BUT you can see here, it can be worn without them.
Find this outfit exclusively at The Boobies Show 

That's all for tonight folks.
Have a great, wonderful, splendiferous weekend <3

xoxoxox - Savvy

Slutty Sunday

Yes I know, slutty and Sunday don't usually go together.
But I couldn't help myself after doing part of the H.Y.I.S. hunt today.
Whats the H.Y.I.S.?

Hunt for Your Inner Slut Hunt!
Its one of the best hunts for skimpy clothes, dirty furniture, etc.
Its one of my favorite hunts to do.

First up is this hot little number.
Its from Rachel Swallows
Go ahead, I giggled at the name too.

This skimpy lingerie set is from Lushish Catz
Tango appliers included \o/

::Rack City:: has this pretty dress out.
You can wear it sheer or stack on the layers like I did.
Also includes Tango appliers :D

Finally was this 'hand'y bra and panty set.
J'Adore is featuring this, and a white version for their hunt giftie.
 Again, Tango appliers are included.

All the information on the hunt is HERE 

So go, be dirty and have fun :3

xoxoxox - Savvy

How otterly adorable!

Ohai my little squishy cuties of squishiness!  First of all let me say Happy Father's Day to all the daddies, dads, pops, papas, fathers and whatever else you may be called!  I wish you lots of beer and football and golf and grilling and all the manish goodness your day can hold!

Now without further delay I bring you cuteness by the bucketful!  So many awesome fairs and fun to be had out there.  The latest squeal worth shopping spot is Summerfest 2013!  Oh Em Gee! So much fun summer adorableness to be had...and there's OTTERS!  Enough said right there.  Take a peek at a few of my favorite things from there and then go shop till you drop!

Pose: oOo Studio - oOo hana_five

Hair: (NO) Raver Buns (Collabor88 Event)

Skin: Glam Affair - Summer  - Jamaica 01 (Summerfest 2013)

Outfit: Tee*fy Laurie Low Waist Hi-Low Skirt ~ Seabreeze
              Tee*fy Lenka Bralet ~ Blue tropical (Summerfest 2013)
              Tee*fy Colour blocking minilism bangles (Summerfest 2013)
Hands: SLink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 1 ~ Elegant

Earrings: Noodles - Peaceful Daisy Earrings ~ Rose gold

He shall be my squishy!
!Ohmai: Sea Otter Pet [Toffee Pelt] 1 (Summerfest 2013)

Now go shop and haves some summer fun!
I love you , mean it!  Kaileebaby

Riding nerdy :3

I'm a sapiosexual.
Being smart can be sexy.
Nothing is hotter than someone who is intelligent.
So when I seen the Sexy Nerd Hunt started today, I had to go skip through it and grab a few things.
and oh mah gawd, the cute things I found.

*NOTE* This hunt is not free but 5L a prize.  However there are prize previews HERE
And all the hints and stores can be found there as well!

First thing I'll show you is ::Egoxentrikax::
A 3d Hello Kitty with matching skirt :3.

This sexy jacket/mask and thong combo is entirely mesh.
And you can find it at .:[HTxDZ]:.

So I'm not a total Star Wars Geek.
But I had to have the hunt giftie from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* 
Its this R2D2 Dress :D

 Last but certainly not least..
The PI top and glasses are the hunt gift from Kawaii Sugar
 The skirt is the hunt prize from Intrepid.

So go get your nerd on!
Lots more prizes available :3

xoxoxox - Savvy

Rolling restarts won't stop me!

So after two crashes, and a half dozen relogs since I was a cloud..
I finally got down to the Thrift Shop!
Only to be booted b/c the sim was restarting.
BUT, I finally got in and was able to stay in!
And boy, I was happy :D
My wallet wasn't though D:
Remind me to blame Ember.
After reading her blog post, I HAD to visit it lol

1Hundred has this adorable outfit out for 75L.
Isn't it lovely?
The horn and ears are from the Arcade.
75L from +Half-Deer+
My tail is from there too but you can't see it too well here.
Also from +Half-Deer+ and is 50L a chance.

{dollie*} has this Plain T-Shirt - White out for 50L
and this Tartan Front Slit Micro Skirt - Black for another 50L.
Mix and Match because they have a bunch of different color choices for skirt and shirt.

=Razorblade Jacket=  has a ton of things out.
I think they got a rather large chunk of my money today lol.
I'm wearing the Razor /// Baggy Tube Top - Kawaii Love You  (50L)
Then on my arms are the =Razorblade Jaclet= Arm Warmers /// Butterfly (50L)
On my feet are Razor /// Lovesick Boots w/ HUD (179L)
The boots are my current favorite thing.
The hud has 60 different patterns you can choose from.
thats like... 60 pairs of boots in one!!
And the wings are a 50L Gatcha Prize from Anymore.
Did I mention the Thrift Shop has gatchas?

So hurry down to the Thrift Shop and look around.

xoxoxox - Savvy

Bee Bop Down To The Thrift Shop.

I have to go back!I took a quick tour. Found a freebie or two but man a whole SIM of sales from SL's best designers. I jeed a job, STAT!!
Discounted products and gatchas galore!
Getcha butt's here and shop till ya drop! 

Pretty halter top Free gift from Somnia.
@ their Thrift shop booth.

Pretty socks!!! Mesh ones even!
I am showing you the 3 rare ones from Ellemeno.
only 25L per play!

OMG just go to the Thrift shop already!!!

Free Hair!!!

Yup thats right.
Free hair!
Sim is very laggy and very full but...
Waka and Yuki are closing shop.
And they are selling all their hair for...
*inserts drumroll*
This place was the second place I ever bought hair at in SL.
I love their stuffs!

So hurry over and grab a whole bunch for yourselves.
And here's the limo to their store:  LIMO

I do not know how long the sale will go on so HURRY!!!

xoxoxox - Savvy

Whore Couture Take 2.

Whore Couture sexiness.
From Sassy! this time.

Sassy!'s exclusive new release there is Simply Ravishing, a dress with appliers that comes in both a sexy sheer version and a regular opaque version.  
Appliers for both versions included.

Other credits.

Hair:Wasabi Pills~Lory Mesh Hair - Rye - RARE, 
Gatcha @ The Arcade. 50L a play.
Glasses: Ellemeno~Black clean.
Cuff Set: MD~Rubber Cuffs.

P.s. I have been playing with my wind light and shadows. Having so much fun!! Please excuse the odd crotch shadows till I find the perfect blend!!!
And watch for more weird photos .  Emmy, xoxo

Stand 4 Love. ( freebie post)

Reven Rosca of  PRIME
 passed me this beautiful wedding tree.
It has animations for Gay, lesbian and straight menus with 
cuddles and wedding. And guess what?
This is a promotion to raise awareness for the Stand 4 Love campaign.
For more information on this event, go to.

I Stand 4 Love!

Enjoy this fab freebie and please check out the website
Join in, Let them hear us!
Emmy, xoxo.


So I was wandering the other day and stumbled across the Summer Fashion Festival.
Such a cool little stop off.
Info on the festival can be found HERE

Most of the designers there have a giftie out for 1 Linden
A few have freebies out :3

This pretty summery dress is the linden gift from Fashion Fears.
[F F] Belle Dress 4 SFF by Fashion Fears is mesh and its so light and airy.
The backdrop is from Glitterati. She's closing her in world store and everything is half off!
Hurry over there - Limo

[SAKIDE] has this cute dress set out as their dollarbie.
Naive Lace Dresses comes in a pink and a blue (pictured) version.

LMD set out this bright and colorful halter top dress as a dollarbie.
LMD Raquel Dress is the name.  I am really digging the color!
Again, the closet prop is from Glitterati!

The last outfit for today.  G&N Designs put this dress out.
G&N Quality Design Cherie 2 Dress Set Comes with the dress and hat!
It reminds me of a summer stroll or a southern belle.
And look!  I made a friend :3
You can have your own skele-dude by popping over to Glitterati!

Stay cool my darlins!

xoxoxox - Savvy

A funny thing happened on the way to the fair...

Ohai! *waves and blows sugar cookie kisses*  That's right, I'm back again!  Did ya miss me?  I hope so because I brought more eye candy from the Funny Puppet Fair for you to feast on!  I won't even be a tease today and tempt you with tantalizing descriptions of the delectable treats! (I may or may not have been trolling *giggles*  Lots to see today so proceed, enjoy, make a list, make a plan and then go shop till you drop!

Hat/hair ~ Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Blonds Light

Glasses ~ Soothe. Sunglasses-Jelly beans (cherry coke) (FPF 2013)

Bag ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; moustache bag [white]  (FPF 2013)

Dress ~ *Tentacio* Puppi dress Pink (FPF)

Skin ~ ::Modish:: Dollz skin (FPF 2013)
*also wearing a Modish shape - CupidSis  from Marketplace*

Bangles ~ {alterego} eggcited (part of outfit)

Top ~ :Stigma: Tiny Tube Top (Solid Pack) - blue

Shirt ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; mr robotica shirt [blue] (FPF 2013)

Stockings ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; kawaii robot stolkings [colorful] (FPF 2013)


Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) -  Night shadow (The Arcade Gacha Event)

Top, pants, boots, hair bow, scarf and arm warmers ~ NS::  Shooting Star Outfit (FPF 2013)

Bunny ~ NS:: Sit Big Bunny (FPF 2013)

Bag ~ *Tentacio* Bunny bag pink  

Hair ~>TRUTH< Odette -  gingers

* Rivendell * Love Seeds - u-u, O-O, >-O, >.< (FPF 2013)

WCF Monthly Goodness.

This is the THIRD AND LAST round of Whore Couture Monthly Edition.
So you best get over there like um, NOW.

Here is what Ellemeno is offering.
Keep in mind I am only showing 2 styles.
There are too many cute ones to choose from!

Above is the Bettie bikini  in Cherry Bomb.
With appliers for Tangos.

In this photo I am sporting the Bettie swimsuit in rainbows.
This also comes with appliers for Tango.

Other items worn.
Photo #1

Hair: Wasabi Pills~Claire in Dark flame.
Boobies: Lola~Tango.

Photo #2

Hair: Wasabi Pills~Claire dark flame.
Glasses: Ellemeno~Glasses black clean.

Pork chops keep falling on my head

Ohai my lovlies!  I have another bloggie for you today .  I know right?  I promise its not going to snow or something I'm just SUPER excited about all the stuffs!  Oh and the things!  and and and the doodads!  So I just have to share wif you, my closest friends more super kyootness from the Funny Puppet Fair!

Coming up fast and furious as one of my fav stores is { d o l l l e* }.  She has an awesome eclectic style and I ❤ her muchness. You can go from cute and casual to something more whimsical like today.  A store you for sure have to put on your fave flave list!  Next up: .:Evilkyoot:. a new store I discoved through the Funny Puppet Fair and omg they really do have sinfully cute stuffs! Oh and Last but certainly not least comes Le Poppycock with the most awesome store name EVAR! So...take a gander at the goodies and then go shop till you drop!

Just the facts, Ma'am

Umbrella:  Le Poppycock *Parasol*  (Funny Puppet Fair 2013)

Pose:  Le Poppycock - Dreaming girl (FPF 2013)

Shoes:  .:Evilkyoot:. Ballarina shoe (part of Ballarina outfit)  (FPF 2013)

Outfit:  {dollle*} 049 Wave Ruffle Fancy Outfit - BlueRed  (FPF 2013)

Porkchops:  Ohmai - !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Original] A, B & D   (The Arcade Gacha Event - June round)

Until next time ~ Lots of squishes!


 Just a quickie this morning.
Some fun hunt gifts from PRIME.

For the CSI Hunt.
 This bloody couch with 3 dead looking poses.

For the BNH2 Hunt, this wicked Beach house.
Loads of couple poses.

Get HERE now!!

I'm just a puppet on a string

*runs in out of breath totally excited*  Ohai! my little chocolate dipped love muffins.  I know I've been horribly remiss in blogging, a really naughty girl and should be spanked soundly.   I promise, however, when you see the awesome things I have to show you there will be lots of hugs, squeals and forgiveness!  Soo many ah-maz-ing events going on I can hardly stand it.  Today some yummy goodness from Curio Obscura!  I love cute, quirky, fun and just plain odd and CO has it all!  They have items out in 2 events.   A cute event I've discovered called The Funny Puppet Show Event and also The Arcade Gacha Event.  Make your way to both of these and I promise you won't leave disappointed!  Now enough of my jibber jabbering and on with the show!

The stuff about the things:

Puppet strings ~ Marionette Controls and Ribbons Pink ( Funny Puppet Fair Event )

Dress ~Curio Obscura - Bubblegum Missy Sissy Dress  ( The Arcade Gacha Event ) 

Hair ~ [ Love Soul ] Hair*081*Jet Black fun...and then come back here tomorrow for more info on the goods!
I love ya, mean it ~ Kaileebaby

Is it Friday yet?

I usually never wish for the week to end sooner.
But this week, I want gone!
BUT to brighten my week briefly SLX has put out new items.

Apple is this cute little outfit.
It includes the jewelry, cat socks, dress, ballet flats, and bra.
95 Lindens for a short time!

This sexy little number is called Drape
Again, the entire outfit.  Shoes, jewelry, and clothes all included.
Another 95 Lindens promo item.

150 Lindens will garner you this gorgeous ensemble.
The Flapper outfit comes with the dress, collar, bracelets, and boots.
Oh and fishnets!
Can't forget the fishnets.

So hurry over to SLX and grab some newness for yourself.
Mmm newness.
Rub that newness all over yourself!

xoxoxox - Savvy