Endless Summer Hunt

Its finally summer for most peeps! \o/
Lakes, ocean, pools seem to be the theme around these parts.
(with the high temps and humidity where I call home its no wonder!)
So since it was so hot today, I decided to camp by the AC and hit the Endless Summer Hunt.
Its hosted by =Razor= and consists of 100 stores.
Most of my favorite places were on this list :3

First up...
The top and shorts were 1hundred's giftie.
The ink is from Endless Pain Tattoos (shout out to this store, LOVE her tattoos!)
And last but not least, the shoes were from =Razor=
Here's a better picture of the shoes.

Sakide has this adorable outfit out.
Its a croquet bikini in pink or creme color.
And it comes with the flower for your hair, and the skirt so you can walk out of the water and get right back to hunting :D

Last but CERTAINLY not least.
Sassy! has this gorgeous little beach dress.
Its slightly sheer on the bottom, but never to fear!  Sassy! has provided you with panties.
Oh yeah, today is National No Panties Day!
So have a wonderful, bare bottom afternoon!!

Info on the hunt is HERE

xoxoxox - Savvy