Now that's what I'm talkin about!

Oh I am so excited!
Have you heard?
There is a new adult hub opening at 9am today and I get to be a part of it!

Anyone who knows me knows my desire to help people; Whether it be new residents or old. I just gotta help them out with their troubles or questions.
So yeah I get to be a mentor, finally I get to do what I excel at!

The Adult hub is located here

This is the Adult welcome center.
There are 4 hubs attached to this.

Gor/ Medieval
CARP (role play)

Then attached to each of these 4 hubs you can find corresponding sims within that genre.
There are many more spots for other ADULT rated sims to join (dock) with the adult hub. If you are an ADULT rated sim owner come check it out!!

Happy Birthday Shadow!!

Today is officially Spank Shadow day.

If you see Shadow Solo.. Sing Happy~Birthday  Spank her and all out embarrass her :P

<3 my friend. Hope it was a good one


Another blog.. I know, I know.

I decided that the majority of people who visit this blog look for fashion feeds.
So to that end I have created a new blog for MY SL. 

I've called it ."Just a girl."
Follow me here if you like.

I will post any freebies I come across here for sure. Until then .
 Keep smiling and don't forget to pay niceties forward.

Em, xoxo

Who the fuck am I anyway?

A bit of dear diary time here at the OK Corral..
I have been battling with some feelings of late, I don't feel submissive ..

Gasp horror. 
Yes it's true.
 I've been lazy mouthy and nuts for numerous months now and decided something needed to be done about it.
Something happened today.
 A few close friends were involved. It felt like an intervention.
I lost it. Flipped right the fuck out.
I cried.
I felt.
Thank you.
 You know who you are

Attention RLV Relay users!

 Have a gander at this..
 I find it too important not to share .

This goes along with informed consent, What this scripter ha done is just plain nasty.