Who's That girl???

 OMG it's me!!!!
*looks closer* Yup me.
Wow... Hair, shape, skin, hair clip,eyes and bracelets all FREE!
I feel so sweet and innocent with this look.
* Rubs her hands together* Muahaha, what trouble could I get into today?
Well Dolls, hope you enjoy this look half as much as I do.
Credits below.
Peace , love and mischief.
Ember ♥

Hair - Analog Dog freeball pop scotch splash.
Hair clip - {WitC?H} #14 - What I dreamed.
Skin & Shape - *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freebie.
Eyes - -PC Eyes - Christmas Tale - {FreeGift}
Dress - .::DMD::. Sailor School Uniform - Plaid PINK.
Socks - .tsg. Princess Socks - Solid White.
Pose location - Image Essentials Free to Use Photo Studios.

My sweater is snowing!

My sweater is snowing! 

I am telling everyone who wants to hear. There are really falling snowflakes down my sweater and legwarmers. Never did I know it was possible to animate mesh clothing, and this while I have been making clothing myself. *X*plosion however is one of the handful stores that sells unique meshes, meaning they have not been bought fullperm on the marketplace. 

Are you sad like me that the time to wear christmas outfits is behind us once more? Just join me in wearing cute wintery outfits. Because I think we still have a few months ahead of us with hats, mittens and warm sweaters. Though I must admit I prefer the evenings at the fireplace wearing my favorite jammies and curling up in my favorite pink, fleece blanket.

As you see I decided to go with a different look. I planned to be an elf, or maybe a drow. That didn't quite work out. As I was looking for designers that sell interesting fantasy skins of good quality, I ended up at *My Uglydorothy. I was completely overwhelmed by the cute and affordable clothing sold here and the big pile of dollarbie skins. Multiple skins caught my attention: on the picture I am wearing 'Bloom'. Even if you don't like the gifts, a regular skin costs only 300 linden.

The next stop was Love Soul

Again: a lot of freebies and cute outfits and hair at this sim. Definately worth a visit if you are low on money or just looking for cute stuff! 

Unfortunately none of the hair at Love Soul seems to be meshified yet and I'm not sure I can still get away with wearing regular primmy hair? But anyway, this hair is so cute I simply can't help myself. I mean, look: it has a bow! 

Before I end this long blog, I want to share you the location I took the pictures in this blog. It is the mainstore of Alouette. And yes! They are selling the complete candy store, as a whole package and also in seperate jars of candy. Who cares about new year's resolutions when they can have their own candy store?

This carton box house from Alouette is made for child avatars, 
but I think it's awesome anyway. I want one!


Hair: [Love Soul] Hair*102*White Blonde
Make-up: Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Eyes: [ROLY-POLY]GlassEeys (sky) S
Sweater & Legwarmers: *X*plosion Tingly Outfit !! Winter PROMO !!
Skirt: loveme. pokopang mini skirt / white M

Finding Myself Again.

For those of you that know me , know the love affair I've had with my mesh head. Loving every aspect of it's sweet face and threatening to light others on fire for wanting to clone me.
 (Yeah I did) 
So yeah, takes a pretty special skin to make me take it off.
  Dulce Secrets is one of those skins. I rediscovered them via the 
Cosmopolitan sales room and have fallen in love.. 
Check it out ..
Oh and to adorn that luscious flesh I choose Blacklace lingerie. 
I wore this outfit shopping! Hey, it's SL!! 
And OOOOH .. The compliments I got!!!
They are doing things right!
 Check them out too!

OK, enough of my rambling on to the credits.
 Hope you enjoy Dolls.
Peace and love, 
Ember ♥

Hair - Alice Project {Advent Calendar VIP Gift}
Hyori (My fave AP style.) {May still be available}
Skin - ::DS:: Tierre, Bisque,fairy dust.
Eyes - -PC Eyes - Christmas Tale - {FreeGift}
Necklace - EarthStones Gypsy Necklace - Multi/Gold.
Lingerie - ~Blacklace~ Melany: White Lace & Poinsettia Cincher Set.
Shoes - Alice Project Miranda Glitter Pumps .Christmas Gift.{May still be available}
Pose prop - Diesel Works - PolyWall. 

In The Red

There is quite a few decent designers here folks.
Nothing like some red to put you in the festive mood.
Today I am showcasing the best of the best from the CSR.
 Air kisses
Ember ♥

Photo credits 
Hair in Photo 1 & 2 - Tameless Hair Kenedy - Naturals
Hair in last photo - TRUTH HAIR Group Gift {Might still be in notices}
Skin - ::DS:: Tierre,Bisque, Rosey. {@The CSR}
Dress 1 - MINT! Debbie outfit *v5*{@The CSR}
Outfit second photo - HOLLY CROSS SHEER RED BODY SUIT{@The CSR}
Boots -Alyce -  Ugg Boots {@The CSR}
Dress 2 - ::JK Style:: Aubrey Red {@The CSR}

One Click Wonders

I Love outfits!
I know people think cause I write for a blog, I'm some sort of fashion guy, but really I'm lazy.
If it takes more than one click, I may just stay naked all day.
So when I saw these outfits from SLX I had to try them! 

Otto, comes with these black glasses and the shoes are included too. 
Like I said, one click and you're ready to go.

I also like the Lucas outfit, the sweater has a color changing HUD for lots of different looks. 
In fact, they both have HUDs.
Great for a casual New Year Celebration! 


Hair - Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Skin - -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin 
Outfit - SLX Outfit Otto
Location - Imaginaria - A Winter Sim

Hair - Hair TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE*
Skin - -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin 
Outfit - SLX Outfit Lucas
Location - Image Essentials

Happy New Year!

Fly High!

A new year is coming and with it hopes for good things ahead.
It's a time to try new things and explore new challenges.
Time to put behind you all the old things that have held you back
A time to FLY!
Here's wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year
filled with lots of joy, fun and candy!
Fly high, Dolls!

Hair:  *ARGRACE* Saki - Blacks

Dress:  FBD Burgundy velvet halter dress 

Chair/pose:  +Half-Deer+ The Angel's Chair [Sky]

Stuffie:  +>A&A<+ Dat Present Doe - Rudolphette

Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 1
Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

More Group Gifts!

This glorious gown from Sassy!
Comes complete with mesh & Flexi prims.
Also a green stole to make things more festive.
Paired with Glam Affair's newest Group gift also a new Tameless hair and I am ready to paint the town red!
I'm ready to ring in the New Year, how about you Dolls?
Peace and love,
Ember ♥

Hair - Tameless Hair Kenedy - Natrurals
Skin -Glam Affair - Mokatana - (Happy Xmas) {Group Gift}
Eyes - -PC Eyes - Christmas Tale - {Free Gift}
Necklace & Earrings - EarthStones Gypsy - Multi/Gold
Cuffs - ~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet - Brown {Gatcha}
Gown - ~Sassy!~ Radiance gown - Xmas {Group Gift}
Pose prop location - Photo Square - free photo studio / photography - Free to use! 

Innocent & Sexy: an impossible mix?

I'm sure you are all familiar with this feeling. While you work off that stores-to-visit-list, you suddenly end up in a shop that makes your heart flutter. An excitements builds in your belly as you cam quickly, scanning the merchandise. This stuff is cute! This stuff is affordable. Or hey, a groupgift! Well, this feeling happened during christmas about ten times in a row for me, but one of the most memorable was with {dollle*}.

I loved all the things that were being sold there! It seemed almost impossible for me to pick an outfit to show you dolls, let alone to mix cute with, eh, kinky. But I simply couldn't choose, so I am going to anyway.

Show off your legs
On the first picture I am wearing {dollle*}'s Front Zip Leather Outfit. It is a very detailled mesh dress with a shrug, both are seperate meshes. It is short, sexy and yet at the same time very stylish. Wear a pair of high heels or boots with it and you can show off your legs all night long.

Long or extra long hair in many colors
The hair I'm wearing is another new discovery! It is a new release of Chemistry Hair, called Sirena. Buying this you get a HUD with a huge range of haircolors, a long and extra long version of the hair and a (rigged and unrigged) pom pom beanie - which also comes with a HUD with a lot of texturing options. As you may notice in the pictures there is a downside to this hair: can't wear this with big boobs and also some standard mesh clothing sizes are considered too busty. 

Comfortable, innocent and sexy?
The dress on the second picture is also from {*dollle*}. I love how comfortable it looks while casually being sexy (in an innocent way?). This U-Neck Sweater Dress comes in four pastel colors: white, gray, rosybrown and purple. 

Remaining Credits
Skin: [HUSH] Zoe - Bloom - Sugar
Make-up: Sally Lips (Neutral 02) of Mirror's Enigma (this gift seems no longer available, but there are many alternatives at the store) and .Pekka. Rocking - Shadow. On the second picture Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Collar: .Pekka. Heart ribbon collar - White (exclusive @ Frost)

Tis The Season!

To shop!!!
OK, so shopping is always in season but I dunno, it seem more fun at this time of year.
So many sales and group gifts. Just gives Ember the warm 'N' fuzzies!
So Dolls, gather your lindens, open a group slot and head on out into the great pixelverse we call Second life.

Till next time,
Ember ♥

Photo 1.
Hair - TRUTH HAIR Althea -  light blondes (Starts off a neat redish brown. save a copy before using the hud!)
Skin - -Glam Affair - Mokatana - (Happy Xmas) Group Gift
Jewelry - EarthStones Gypsy Necklace & earrings - Multi/Gold
Dress - coldLogic gifts - holiday wishes {Suscribo gift}
Cuffs - ~Sassy!~ Polished Cuff Bracelet - Brown {Gatcha}
Snowflake Light - *pm* Lux Glacialis - Glitter - Silver - RARE {Gatcha @ Merry Crisis Gatcha Fair}
 Pose - Project puppet poses & props

Photo 2.
Hair - ~Tableau Vivant~ Cho Hair - Dark Pink { ARCADE}
Skin - [Hush] Autumn -Past Group Gift ~Go get their new one!}
Necklace -  EarthStones Gypsy Necklace - Multi/Gold
Dress - *COCO*_SwingDress_{FREE till the 31st @ COCO Outlet}
Snowflake light - *pm* Lux Glacialis - Glitter - Silver - RARE {Gatcha @ Merry Crisis Gatcha Fair}
Pose - Project puppet poses & props
Backdrop - From Image Essentials {FREE @ FROST}

Merry Christmas!

This is a wee bit delayed due to RL celebrations.
But I just wanted to wish all our reader a very merry Christmas!
I hope Santa was very good to everyone and that this was a holiday to remember!

Merry Christmas once more!
Ember, Carson, and Savvy

A trip down memory lane

Merry christmas from a very content Pink below the christmas tree, surrounded by purring KittyCats happy with their new friend from the KittyCats Advent Calendar. As a result of too much shopping and even more christmas gifts, we have unpacked boxes and paper wrappings spread out around us. I feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I am spoiled and not just because of all the holiday freebies I managed to pick up, which admittedly are always fun! But what really got me were the christmas gifts that took me for a trip down memory lane.

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear about the Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt, by House of Fox, Laviere & Tee*fy, The Secret Store and Kirin. I had a lot of fun doing this hunt. They provide a treasure map to help you find the prizes and you don't have to be a brilliant map reader to understand it either! The gifts I found to be adorable, I was instantly in love with the fawns from The Secret Store. I wasn't sure what to expect when I unpacked a gift by the name of 'My Musical TV Box'. But when I heard the song it played? Wow, I hadn't heard that in over fifteen years! The Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt goes on till the end of the year, so it's not too late to find your gifts!


Skin: [HUSH] January - Shiver - Sugar (old groupgift)
Hair: [elikatira] Brenna
Jammies: [Phunk] Christmas Sweater PJ's
Hat: 8f8_DEER Hat (@The Arcade)

Christmas Tree: LAQ Decor

Merry Christmas From Ember!

Have you finished your shopping Dolls?
Silly question, I know. I will never finish shopping!
Oh wait, I meant for Christmas, hehe.
I wanted to show you a few things I picked up yesterday.
I finally got to go to Collabor88! YAY me!
I grabbed this awesome coat and super cute earmuffs.
Oh and the skin I'm wearing? Free group gift from HUSH.
Also much to my surprise, by clicking the Christmas tree in store you get a 500L Gift card.. I almost cried as I brought myself SLINK appliers.
Even if I don't own the hands or feet yet.. A girl's gotta be ready!
So Dolls, Christmas is fast approaching and if nothing else give the gift of love.

Lots of love and all my snow.
Ember ♥

Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Norma" (Cat's eye)
Skin - [Hush] x3 Holiday Skin - Shiver {Group gift, free join}
Earmuffs - Noodles - Bearmuffs Strawberry{@ Collabor88}
Jacket - The Secret Store - Sarah Dress Coat - Rose{@ Collabor88}
Tights - DeeTaleZ - d select tights
Boots - *COCO*_Gift_SuedeBoots(Mesh){Group gift, free join}
Pose prop - Juxtapose -F R O S T 2013 Gift{@ FROST}

Snow Princess!

I want snow!
*Covers Ember's ears since she has more than enough*
It's been warm and rainy here ..
So I decided to head around SL to get my snow fix.
I stumbled across a sim named Imaginaria..
and oh my gawd, it's freaking gorgeous...
I HAD to take a picture there... But I had to find an outfit worthy of such a beautiful sim..
Lucky for me, Purple Moon has a brand new group gift out.

Isn't it the prettiest thing ever?
The :: PM :: Merry Gown - Holidays Gift 2013 comes with the dress, staff, wreath around the head.
And the staff makes it snow all around you!!
So it's perfect if you just need that little bit of snow to add to a picture :D
The group is 50L to join... but this dress is more than worth it!
Its got poinsettias, candles, ornaments..
Hurry over Purple Moon and grab your own!

xoxox - Savvy

Wheres my neko's at?

It feels like a lifetime since almost each avatar in Second Life would be wearing a tail and kitty ears. First the primmy wagging tails and then the longer it took the more bushy the tails became. Not much later you could click them for a dirty message in public chat. Good old times. I miss them, along with the pouncing hud and the digging of dumpsters for a free gift. That was fun! Now neko's seem to have vanished. Instead of their tail they grew a pair of mesh boobs or big hips. Thankfully there are still some kittens around and designers releasing new 'meshified' neko accessories. 

New doesn't always have to be better. I -still- wear the neko ears I bought in 2007 from >(O.o)< Fa's Shop (of doom!) . And I have yet to find better ones. When it comes to tails lemon tea is your place. Every furry probably knows Puppy's shop. She does not only sell great mods for your furry avatars but also made mesh paws and clothing with a lot of options for customization. 

The skin I'm wearing is 'Zoe' from [Hush] Skins. It is my favorite skin and as you maybe noticed I wear it in most my blogs. I love the freckles it has and the make up very light which gives you a chance to buy your own make-up layers. The hoodie and jacket are from *chronokit* and are liquid mesh. This means they only come in one size and they adjust to the size of your love handles. How cool is that? Also the jacket can be worn together with the hoodie or they can be worn seperate from eachother. This was my first time wearing liquid mesh and I quite liked it. I am however worried that I may not be as able to mix and match mesh clothing when standard sizing is gone. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


Skin: [HUSH] Zoe - Bloom - Sugar
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea
Ears: >(O.o)< Kitty Ears (white)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Short Hair Neko Tail
Jacket: *chronokit* Tailored Jacket Leather Black Women
Sweater: *chronokit* Hoodie01 white women for Tailored Jacket
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt [vinyl black]
Legwarmers: [Aux] Leg Warmers - black
Paws: Puppy Paws

Pink is the new red

Christmas is almost here so I decided to take a little trip to the North Pole and lend a  hand to help out.  They put me in charge of snowflakes.  I had so much fun! Rudolph said he loved my new outfit.  I told him pink is the new red.  Do you think Rudolph the Pink Nosed Reindeer has a good flow to it?  I hope you all are having a great holiday season.  If I don't "see" you again before the big day have yourself a merry little Christmas!  Mwaaah!

Hair:  eXxEsS : Katiusha

Outfit:  NS: cute Xmas Outfit

Skin:  Glance Skins - Nyasha

Lips:  Kyxe Delicate Eggplant Gloss

Necklace:  *AD* Snowflake Necklace 

Earrings:  Winter Snowflake Earring ( part of *Evie's Closet* - Winter Gown )

Tis the season to be bloody... fa la la

So I've always had a strange attraction to the darker things...
Maybe not so strange.  Most of my SL has centered around post-apocolyptic, grunge, urban sims.
It wasn't until Ember grabbed me by the shoulders and shook the pretty and cute into my head that I quit adding blood to almost every outfit, and quit scaring all the innocent sl'ers by demonizing myself.
But occasionally I'll see things that will put me back into my dark state of mind.
And I will delve into the darker parts of my mind, and rather enjoy these field trips :D
With the Bloody Christmas Hunt going on... I decided to do a 180 from my usual Christmas posts and do one completely centered around macabre and bloody!
Oh and the greatest sim ever for grunge/dark things is having a gatcha fair.
On to the goodies!

The Elves brought me a body to decorate!
I think he may have not quite been dead yet... but at least he died pretty!
Outfit and Hanging dead man: Souled Out Christmas Massacre Collection - 5L Prize for the BCH
Elves: DRD Gatcha Prize @ Death Row Island
Pose is from the Project Puppet - Decorate My Christmas Tree Prop. 
Tree: :*:CPD:*: Bloody Christmas Tree - 5L Prize for the BCH

Putting the finishing touches on the corpse!
Dress: ..::KnocKeRs::..Christmas Hangover Dress[Rage] RARE @ Gatcha Event Death Row Island
Back Chains:.::[HTxDZ]::. Suspension Hooks & Chains - Bloody Xmas Edition - 5l Prize for the BCH
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Group Gift 30 Nov 2013
Zombie: Souled Out Christmas Massacre Collection - 5L Prize for the BCH
Tree: *:CPD:*: Bloody Christmas Tree - 5L Prize for the BCH
Elves: DRD Gatcha Prize @ Death Row Island
Pose is from the Project Puppet - Decorate My Christmas Tree Prop. 

Now I'm ready for xmas!
Dress: .::KnocKeRs::..Christmas Hangover Dress[Rage] RARE @ Gatcha Event Death Row Island
Skin: Deluxe Body Factory : Belzebub 5L Prize for the BCH
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Group Gift
Tree:  *:CPD:*: Bloody Christmas Tree - 5L Prize for the BCH
Elves: DRD Gatcha Prize @ Death Row Island
Pose is from the Project Puppet - Decorate My Christmas Tree Prop.  

Hope ya'll's X-mas is filled with whatever you want it to be!
xoxox - Savvy

Those Cheeky Lil Elves

Oh but there's so much more than the elves to show you today!
I have some Gatcha items, Frost exclusives and just plain cuteness.
So there ya go Dollies More shopping fun to be had!
P.s. If you grab one of these gatcha elves... Turn your sounds up and click them.
You are in for a surprise. Not all are PG13 either!

Much love and squishes.
Ember, ♥

Photo 1.
Hair - *Milk* Hair! Boy Bye Copper {@ The Merry Crisis Gatcha}
Skin - S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Natural White
Dress - .: Somnia :. Hot Toddy - Pink {@ FROST}
Tights - DeeTaleZ Select white tights
Pose Prop - GLITTERATI - Curtains

 Photo 2.
Outfit - +REDRUM+ Bunny Darko Onesie
Hair - eep . hair 003 . light brown 5
Skin - Skin - S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Natural White
Elf - Jacko secret - Death Row Designs {@ The Merry Crisis Gatcha}

Ice Princess

December is flying by! Only a few more days until christmas! Look the other way and another year has gone by. While cherishing the christmas feeling I went looking for the real december weather. When I look out of my window it still seems to be autumn, but thankfully Second Life offers the most beautiful winter wonderlands with each their own skating ponds. 

The picture is taken at Pally's Winter Wonderland. I am wearing an outfit from On A Lark. The skates come with their own skating AO. And while it's a fairly simple override with about five animations, I simply love it. It has a walking animation and up to three skatings levels: starter, intermediate and advanced. When standing you elegantly cross your legs, showing off the iceskates. So you don't need to wear several overrides or keep changing. Oh, and when jumping I made a little twirl: 
I never knew I could skate so well!


Skin: [HUSH] Zoe - Bloom - Sugar
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arianna 2 - LightBlondes01
Dress: *OAL* Skater Dress ~ Berry
Shoes: *OAL* Ice Skates

'Snow' place like home for the holidays!

More wintery goodness :3
The Frost Fair is going on now.
Plus Alice Project is doing their annual Advent Calender
With the Arcade and everything else going on, a girl could easily get overwhelmed.
So it's always good to step back and take a deep breath, and remember to be grateful for everything.
Even if it's something as simple as a snowflake :)

Hair: Alice Project Advent Calendar Gift [09 Dec 2013] 
(Was Advent Calender Gift... 50L for past prizes)
Dress: Ducknipple - DN Mesh: Snuggle Dress w HUD
Shoes: [Gos] Bordello - Dita - White
Horns: *Epic* Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns! {White} 
Pose: . Infiniti . - Flutter by Butterflies  
(Past Gatcha Prize)
Prop:  Snowflake I found in my inventory
Penguins: *MishMish* Penguin Gacha -@ The Arcade
Deer and Green trees:  Blogger's Box Deer and Christmas Tree Gacha @ Charlotte Camille
(9 trees, 7 deer, rares and commons :D  50L a play)

 Close up of the hair and horns.
Oh yeah, check out the free eyes also @ The Frost Fair!
Eyes: Chus! F R O S T Present 2013

xoxox - Savvy

Why I shouldn't be driving, eh parking.

I am one of those girls that hate parking garages. The first time me and my sister went to park our car in one of these underground things, we were litterary screaming as we went down the ramp. Hit the brake, omg we are going to slam against the wall! It turned out to be just fine. However the next time I drove against one of those concrete pillars. And then another time with the mirror of the car. Auch.

You can imagine how I felt when bumping into one of these horror things in Second Life. The beautiful sim of Decaying Cityscape gave a nice view of what an abandonned city would look like. A lovely sim with still a lot in store for future pictures because of the nice urban feel it has. 


Get a free groupgift pink and white version at the mainstore!

Let Us Eat Cake.

The Cleavage SIM is turning 1!!
I checked out their blog HERE and picked up a few of my faves.
It's a tricky hunt and costs 1L each prize. 
Worth loads more in my humble opinion. 
So  Dolls go forth and eat cake!

 Photo 1.
Hair - Tameless Hair Lotus - Fades.
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift.
Jammies - ! ellemeno ! jammies -  {I ♥ Cleavage Hunt Prize @ Cleavage}
Boobies - Lola - tangos.
Socks -  Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2.

Photo 2.
Hair - Tameless Hair Lotus - Fades.
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift.
Outfit - [LuVs] ShabbyFleurs Cami Set - {Hunt prize @ Cleavage}
Socks - Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2.

Photo 3.
Hair - Analog Dog - Popscotch splash. {Free in bubble on beach}
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift.
Horns - *Epic* Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns! {White} {Free @ FROST}
Outfit - ~Sassy!~ Sweet Tart -  {Hunt prize @ Cleavage}
Boots - [ SAKIDE ] Invern Boots Pink. {@ FROST}
Fireplace - [ba] mahogany fireplace with candles {Free @ KittyCats SIM advent}
Christmas tree - Trompe Loeil Christmas tree. colourful.

C*#%$* in a Box!

I know what you were thinking, get your mind out of the gutter, it's obviously Carson in a box!
And Look at this Shirt/Vest combo from NOISE. It comes in 3 different colors,and its available exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, right now!
I matched it with these cool black jeans from Citrus

So Happy Holidays, I hope you find something this good in your box!


Shirt/vest - [[[[NOISE]]]]*Mesh* Knit Vest and Red Shirt
Pants- Citrus Mens Jeans Black
Shoes- Carl Perkins - Black Jeepers
Skin- -NIVARO - Baptiste Skin - Dark Tan Tone

Pose- Juxtapose  - West End Boys Prop

In living Colour

I have a new addiction, well not new but definitely intensified.
I am addicted to taking photos. Seems it's all I do of late.
Well that and shop!
Speaking of. Check out what I found.. 
Some on sale and some FREE!
Till next time Dolls.
Peace and Love.
Ember ♥

Hair - Analog dog - pop scotch. {Free in bubble @ the beach}
Horns - *Epic* Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns! {White} {Free @ FROST}
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift
Shirt - Lumiere - Simple Tops {Slebrity Street Sale}
Pants - SAKIDE -  Unbuttoned Long Shorts White {FREE in discount room}
Shoes - HOLLY MESH WHITE MARSHA BOOTS {Slebrity Street Sale}
Pose prop - Juxtapose  - West End Boys Prop

Winter wonderland!

I hope ya'll aren't tired of Winter/Christmas themed posts yet!
As I expressed the other day, I love lingerie.
I also love cute night time themed items such as panties and camisoles.
[Context] just released this adorable night set.
And I've already changed it half a dozen times as I skip around in my underwear.. yes in the snow.
That is the wonderful thing about secondlife... I can run around in my panties in the snow... and no frostbite!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fernanda -  reds
Camisole and Panties: [Context] Merry Merry Christmas undies Pack or HERE on MP
(399L gets you a hud with 8 different patterns for the camisole, and 8 different colored panties :D)
Boots: N-core GROUP GIFT-Winter Boots "Christmas" 
(Freeeeeeeeeeee Bootsssss)
Pose prop: Embody F REINDEER

And free boots... FREEEEE
N-core's group is 50L to join, but they give out freebies a few times a year... and these boots alone are worth more than the 50L join fee :3

xoxox - Savvy

Freebies @ KittyCats SIM!

I saw this top posted in Somnia's Flickr the other day and rushed down to the KittyCats SIM to grab it. It's so Purrfect for winter.
Besides this cool sweater there are a whole slew or other gifts in their advent calender. You can also grab past gifts!
 So head over every day For a new prezzie!
Peace and love,
 Ember ♥

Hat & Mitts 8f8_BUNNY Hat & Mitts{@ The Arcade}
Hair - Magika [01] Curious
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift
Sweater - .: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper {Advent Gifty} 
Pants - DeeTaleZ - Wool Tights.
Boots - HOLLY MESH WHITE/TAN MARSHA BOOTS {Selebrety Street Sale}
Pose prop - Embody F REINDEER

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

So one of my favorite Christmas events started recently.
Gothmas by Gaslight started December 15th and ends January 5th.
Despite all the goth, I chose something white and pure to reflect the snow I am desperately wishing for.
Oh and Truth has new hair out!
I had to go show off a Project Puppet Group giftie..
And look!  I made frans :D
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea -  reds
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Silent Dress White @ Gothmas by Gaslight
(Dress comes with hud for belt, and underskirt, also available in black!)
Snowglobe prop: Project Puppet Snow Globe Gift
Trees and deer: Gatcha Prizes from Lucky Charlotte Camille
(9 trees, 7 deer, rares and commons :D  50L a play)
Pose: AO Pose

Just over a week till xmas!
Get your shopping done now!
xoxox - Savvy


I love T shirts with a message. This one fits me to a T.
haha get it? a T shirt!
Well this is the big sale item for Tuesday's SLebrity Slection Street Sale!
It's by NOISE. Better Hurry, the special price is only Available on Tuesday!

Now don't forget to kiss your Favorite Nerd today. Just im me if you don't have one already!


Shirt- [[[[NOISE]]]]*MESH* Nerd is the new sexy Tee
Pants- Citrus Mens Jeans Black
Hair- TYLER -Dark- *REDGRAVE* 
Skin- -NIVARO - Baptiste Skin - Dark Tan Tone
Location- Captured Moments - Free DIY Photo Studio