A trip down memory lane

Merry christmas from a very content Pink below the christmas tree, surrounded by purring KittyCats happy with their new friend from the KittyCats Advent Calendar. As a result of too much shopping and even more christmas gifts, we have unpacked boxes and paper wrappings spread out around us. I feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I am spoiled and not just because of all the holiday freebies I managed to pick up, which admittedly are always fun! But what really got me were the christmas gifts that took me for a trip down memory lane.

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear about the Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt, by House of Fox, Laviere & Tee*fy, The Secret Store and Kirin. I had a lot of fun doing this hunt. They provide a treasure map to help you find the prizes and you don't have to be a brilliant map reader to understand it either! The gifts I found to be adorable, I was instantly in love with the fawns from The Secret Store. I wasn't sure what to expect when I unpacked a gift by the name of 'My Musical TV Box'. But when I heard the song it played? Wow, I hadn't heard that in over fifteen years! The Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt goes on till the end of the year, so it's not too late to find your gifts!


Skin: [HUSH] January - Shiver - Sugar (old groupgift)
Hair: [elikatira] Brenna
Jammies: [Phunk] Christmas Sweater PJ's
Hat: 8f8_DEER Hat (@The Arcade)

Christmas Tree: LAQ Decor