Say what now ???

 I should really know better by now.. But hey I was bored So I took the offered TP  to this place called Abyss.

Anyhoo, here's how it progressed.

[2011/02/25 09:13]  Toeknee Capra: care to see a nice place girl?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: who are you?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Toeknee Capra: just saw you at ranch
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: ah
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: where is this nice place?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Toeknee Capra: come see

Soon as I land I hear "eamenu" HA GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE CHARLIE!

[2011/02/25 09:16]  Toeknee Capra: ember have you bracelets girl?
[2011/02/25 09:16]  Ember Adored: braceletts?
[09:16]  Toeknee Capra: here wear these
[09:17]  Ember Adored raises her hand
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: yes girl?
[09:17]  Ember Adored: Why exactly am I here?
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: to become a sub of ours
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: if you like
[09:17]  Ember Adored: No thank you.
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: all doms use you
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: ok be gone
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: ungrateful cunt
[09:18]  Toeknee Capra: i was trying to help you
[09:18]  Ember Adored mutes the imbecile.

Yeah ungrateful cunt . /me yawns.


 I had a few funny things happen to me today. Just HAVE to share this one.

Okay let me set the scene a bit.
Ember rezzes in at Bondage playground . First ting she sees is some random guy running around with his dick out. Same old same old... He stops in front of her and without a word drops some sex anywhere balls , hops on one and starts air humping..
* Uhhh.. Ember grabs her popcorn and settles in for the show.*

I get an IM..

[18:07]  loveybear Firehawk: hi

[18:08]  Ember Adored: Let me guess, you don't get on SL much.

[18:08]  loveybear Firehawk: yes

[18:09]  Ember Adored: Yes you do come often or no

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: ;ike  fun

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: no

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: i  dont

[18:09]  Ember Adored: OK well .This is not a free sex sim. You'll do better at one of those if thats what youre after

[18:10]  loveybear Firehawk: tp me

[18:10]  Ember Adored: Um ..No . You can use search

 [18:12]  loveybear Firehawk: ok  you  dont  like  fun

[18:12]  Ember Adored: Oh I love fun. I just have high standards
 18:12]  loveybear Firehawk: yea

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[18:14]  loveybear Firehawk: ok  you  will  be  muted  then

\\\\\ROFL... HE ENGAGED ME!!..//////

OK pal. Mute away.  My life shall never be the same without you in it but hey, what can I do.


Everything in her shop is 14L$ \0/ 
So yes I was alll over it!

 Photo #1 
Booty jean shorts ~ FK 14L$

Photo #2
White crop sweater ~ FK 14L$ (She totally needs to make this one in black!!)
Zesty Jeans - Lowrise Capri Zip  ~FK 14L$

Anti Valentines?


I am not against it per say.
It's great to show your loved one how special you think they are. 
 With that being said  though Don't you think EVERYDAY should be Valentines?
I mean that person may just poof out your life tomorrow,
without even knowing just how loved they really are.

So just  my thoughts as I spend my SL Valentines day alone.. 
Tell them people.. Tell them how much you care..always.

/me looks around at her empty house and screams.."I LOVE YOU!!"

Outfit ~ free @ Paradisis for Valentines.

Got a lil junk in da trunk?

 Photo #1 Crop top ~ Group gift @ FK  VIRTUES.
Low, low rise pants~ Free @ Sassy Kitty.

Photo #2 Pull down panties~1L for 18 styles @ Sassy Kitty.

(These are for my Ass's #1 fan)
<3 Ember

The Butt Head.

In keeping with the theme of course.


This here is Cold embrace's newest creation..
The neko butt plug tail. 
Cost is 500L$ butt(get it butt, haha)
Ahem, anyway yeah you get ooodles of options textures and colours. 
RLV locking .etc. etc

Go buy it

The many faces of a girl.

 When I try to describe my personality to someone I draw a blank..
There are so many sides to it that I don't know where to start.
Am I afflicted with Multiple Personal Disorder?
Ah not quite. LOL
But I do know I am a big emotional stew with a bit of every 'Type' of personality tossed in. 

Here's two to start.

# 1 The fashion maven.

 Outfit: STC 15,000 members group gift. Join the suscribo.
 Hair: Free @ EXILE.

# 2 The Lolita (Not THAT young :)


 Dress from EPIC. Group gift in store ( pay 250 join)
Hair  ((JUNWAVE)) Group gift in store.Free to join
 Bed from PRIME (Not free but oh so worth the L's)

That's this edition of Getting to know Ember.. 
Stay tuned for next week's installment.
 Ember out.

/me Growls.

 I am angry. Angry at myself.

I try so hard to learn from every experience in life, both FL & SL.
But some things I just cannot seem to get right no matter how hard I try.
I seem to keep making this same mistake over and over. I get upset.
So upset that I sit fuming or crying at my keyboard when I KNOW there is another solution to whatever it is that's bothering me. 
Seems to me I need to take a page out of my own book and Re learn to communicate!!
So folks here are some photos that reflect my mood. Enjoy.

Photo # 1
Hair.Group gift from Curious Kitties
Lingerie. Group gift from Luna's Boutique
Boots. Freebie from Blue Blood

Photo # 2
Hair and Makeup. Creatives (Not free)
Outfit. Freebie from Bare Rose