Say what now ???

 I should really know better by now.. But hey I was bored So I took the offered TP  to this place called Abyss.

Anyhoo, here's how it progressed.

[2011/02/25 09:13]  Toeknee Capra: care to see a nice place girl?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: who are you?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Toeknee Capra: just saw you at ranch
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: ah
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Ember Adored: where is this nice place?
[2011/02/25 09:14]  Toeknee Capra: come see

Soon as I land I hear "eamenu" HA GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE CHARLIE!

[2011/02/25 09:16]  Toeknee Capra: ember have you bracelets girl?
[2011/02/25 09:16]  Ember Adored: braceletts?
[09:16]  Toeknee Capra: here wear these
[09:17]  Ember Adored raises her hand
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: yes girl?
[09:17]  Ember Adored: Why exactly am I here?
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: to become a sub of ours
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: if you like
[09:17]  Ember Adored: No thank you.
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: all doms use you
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: ok be gone
[09:17]  Toeknee Capra: ungrateful cunt
[09:18]  Toeknee Capra: i was trying to help you
[09:18]  Ember Adored mutes the imbecile.

Yeah ungrateful cunt . /me yawns.


  1. Yes you're so ungratefull that someone wanted you to be a sub! Can't you see its an honour to be owned by such a fine piece of sexist pig? Tsk tsk


  2. /me's ears droop as she hangs her head" I am unworthy" wails

  3. I secretly suppose you did not even be happy about being adressed with girl.

  4. Eh, that much I don't care. It happens all the time. It was his holier than thou attitude and assumptions that got my hackles up.

  5. Well done Ember! I also met this pretentious imbecile.

  6. I could do with meeting another one like him, days get dull without a little male drama :P

  7. I was partnered to the jerk off. Saw this years ago and should have taken it seriously. I partnered him anyways believing he had changed his ways. Found a chick on a post with his pecker in her mouth. Hope his dick falls off.

  8. I am sorry this happened to you, Its sad that after all this time in SL he has had no personal growth.


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