Lucky Penguins?

Since I had nothing better to do this morning I decided I wanted to stalk this lucky board with a see through  school girl outfit that I had seen blogged before. 

Even these penguins dig it!

Feeling Purple @ ICON

There's a hunt going on at the ICON Lifestyle sims until the 31st of August.
Here's a list of the shops involved.

2Xtreme,Adorkable Poses,Aimesi Mainstore,Ala Folie,Amacci ,Ambiance Interactive Furnishings,Angel Dessous,Anubis Style,Anyu,AQUA - NEW,Blacklace,Chop Zuey ,CnS E-motion,Convoitise,Cynful,DCNY,Elegant Images Gallery,Elymode Mainstore,FK Virtues,G Field,Indi Designs ,Indyra's Originals,Jewelry by Jake - in gift box on table - not hunt box,MEB,Miamai,Mina Hair Fashion,NLimbo,oOo Studio,Seldom Blue,Sn@tch - Grab bag - not in hunt box,Staged,Tuli Skins,U & R Dogs,Urban Alchemi  & Vogue

Top photo I am wearing G-Fields prize, swimsuit and sandals!
 Bottom photo is the prize from Staged skin & Fashion

 Hair(free) Analog dog
Skin (group gift, 250l join fee.) Belleza


 So ends this weeks theme of underthings and shoes. 
What should the theme be next week folks? 
Any ideas?
Leave a comment and lets see who's I pick!

In this photo I am wearing the group gift from Angel Dessous .
Only in store till the end of August so hurry down this weekend. 
These fun shoes I scored off the SSUS lucky chair.
And of course my hair is from the TRUTH sale..GO!
Have a fantabulous weekend!
Ember xoxo


First off I got these spiffy new or are the old? Boots form Hoorenbeek . They are a gift on the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. (Search for the popcorn bag!)
   Then this morning I log in to an advert from Truth...HAIR SALE OMG! All their hair is on sale until September 3rd. There are 2 locations to try to visit. TAXI 1
          TAXI 2

Off I run to the Filthy Chute sim to check things out.. Freaking awesome build( Thank you Teshan from SLexy Fashionista for sharing this with your readers!)

The Beautiful tank top I'm wearing can be found on XSTREET

Both hairs are from Truth @ 125L each during the sale!

  After wandering lost and frightened I made my way over to Petals and Pixels where they have set up The wizard of OZ. Based on the Original book published in 1910!  Have a wander round It is sooo much fun!
   The build officially opens on Friday the 20th the start location is HERE. Please be Mindful that this is A PG sim.....

   Baring this in mind I made sure I was covered proper when I visited Gilinda's home along the Yellow Brick Road!
  You can get these spiffy censored bars by Catnip
Phew I'm all tuckered out from shopping and exploring... Stay tuned for more from
  Ember the streaker!


Finally got down to the Maitreya 50% off sale and found the sexiest sandals in SL!
Regular they retail for about 900l. I got these puppies for 485 a pair!!
Everything is 50% off in store until August 22.

 Also while cruising X street I found this sweet Brocade Pin up suit from PixelDolls..FREE!!
It pay's to online shop!

Happy Hump Day Treasures!!


 I found this shop on the Dare to Bare Hunt. And oh boy I'm glad I did!


The prices are more than reasonable ranging from 150 to 500 per set.
I am a bit sad that I haven't the money to spend in this shop.
Because you can believe I would spend it here!
I definitely recommend this lingerie..
Word needs to get out about Carrie and her talents. Excellent work. Thank you for taking the time to share it with me..
Oh by the way, there is always someone in the store for help with questions.
No annoying bots!! 

My friend 1daisy Short commented on the selection when I ported her in..
"Carrie's Lingerie Store is a place of amazing beauty.  The textures are sexy and sublime in their richness.  They look natural with very clever shading with suggests movement when you wear them."

SO what are you waiting for?
Go check out Carrie's You'll love me for it!
Hugs and big sloppy kisses
Ember xoxo
Worn in this post.
Top photo 
Jonie in silver (Hit up the MM board for this gem!)
Bottom photo
Sugar in blue( Free prize hidden in store for the D2B hunt.Look for the #2)
Photo's were taken at No love, a Bryn Oh sim.


Good morning Treasures!
Today starts a week long spotlight on panties, lingerie and shoes!
Every day I will do 1 post featuring one or all of these items.
Here's Monday's look.

Here I am on my big girl bed from PRIME.
It's got all the bells and whistles in it and it's called
(Get this) 
The Adored Bed!(Thank you Reven!)
You can find oodles of beds at PRIME..
Go you'll love it!

Worn in this post..
*CGirl*Hapiko`s* Bra&Panties *Soft WH* (found for FREE on xstreet.)

My look of the week.

Hair: Truth Carli (not free)

Tear stained makeup: Cold Embrace (70L)

Dress: The Dominion. (Free with group tag.)

Note.. There are fantastic shoes at the Dominion as well but I am having viewer issues and they are acting grey, can't get a good photo...And yes I am still in the belt!!..
Laugh as Ember gets zapped all around SL!

Held In A Cold Embrace.

Alright, here's the deal. 
We all remember me mentioning Nika and her shop Cold Embrace right?
Remember she has a great collar there just for our readers?
Code is /69 turophile

Anyway Today she sent out a note to her group..
Basically what it said is this..
Come on down to Cold Embrace, join the update group(like 0 spam FYI) and slap the bondage bunny..(Yes there really is one there)
On the day of her Next new release this Chastity belt, she will draw 3 names at random and they get one for FREE!
This belt has everything! Colour change, bad word, lots of leash points..
A strap on, RLV menu, even a zapper..
So Head on down to Cold Embrace and beat the bunny
Oh yeah FYI.. That is me in the photo above testing the belt. 
Nika has been oh so kind as to...
On a timer Till I get the keys back.
There have a laugh on Ember. 
Cheers, xoxo

Gatcha Festival !!

That's right folks! It's Gatcha galore down here in Hyssop 
@ The ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival

But only until August 11th ..So come on down and get yer gatcha on!