Farewell 2015

Well friends it's been quite a year. Loads has happened to and for me in 2015.
I have had a few heartbreaks, one of my own doing and I think now is a good time for me to talk about about it.

 Savvy left Paperdolls this year.
I never did tell her how awesome she was, She posted loads here and due to my own pigheadedness she decided to go off on her own blogging adventure.

She makes beautiful photos, taking the time to set up a proper scene. Her new blog is stunning. You can check it out here - https://lilmonstersmadness.wordpress.com/

She took a lot from me and continues to do so as my partner in SL and best friend. She is the most loyal woman I have met and I am so proud she stuck with me on this blog as long as she did. I am blessed in many ways in my SL,but I think the biggest blessing is having her in my life. I don't share my feelings often so I know this sounds really corny but if she reads this she will know, ya know?

Another thing that's happened ot me,quite recently ( Since Christmas in fact) is I got a new computer.
I was so happy, I did some really crisp shots with it , you can find that post here - http://emberrandt.blogspot.ca/2015/12/i-feel-pretty.html and then it all went down hill. There was some error code I was getting called THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER. Basically Windows 10 ( it came installed with all this) and the AMD Graphics were fighting.
So I basically had a brand new lag crash rebooting constantly computer. I almost cried.

I returned the POS last night ad picked up a new (maybe a wee bit more expensive one) This time it has a nivida? card. Here's hoping my photos will be as good as I wish them. The ones below were taken on the last new PC. Although they are clear enough I just don't feel they were as good as they could have been, like not on par with the clarity of the shot I mentioned in the post above.

Alright, I will shut up now. Thanks for reading.
I hope your New Year is Shiny (Oh shiny *stares* ) and bright.

Oh one more thing. I am so so blesed to have anyone reading this blog.
 Thank you to those who have contacted me over the past year.
It really means so much to me.

lost girl


  • Hair - :::Phoenix::: | Jade Hair | By Lilly Herberg | @ TRES CHIC
  • Skin - .Birdy. | Ali,Pure | By Nina Helix | 1L VIP GIFT | 150L Join fee.
  • Shape - Enfant |Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Eyes - AVELINE | Eyes - Doll-L - Hazel | By Giggle Solo | FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Lashes - *Mon Cheri* | "Falsies" Eyelash | By Freya Olivieri.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Mesh Body - Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Dress - AMERICAN BAZAAR | Turtleneck Dress, Berries | By Missqwerty Pevensey | @ F R O S T
  • Boots - REIGN. | Mishi Thigh High Boots (Maitreya-Lara) | By Kenadeecole.
  • Pose - an lar [poses] |  Simpli Series III | By Katya Valeska | @ SHINY SHABBY

Almost done

As this year is almost done.. (ONE MORE DAY) I am almost chomping at the bit for 2016 to get here.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, 2015 was a year of a lot of changes for me.  Some were good.  In my real life, I made a lot of good personal steps forward.  In sl, I feel like I grew in some areas and maybe not so much in other areas.  But as always I take my backslides and I learn from them.
Someone asked me today, what the most eye opening thing I learned this year was.  I think the biggest lesson I was taught was... you have to be yourself.  No matter how you change to please someone, in the end you are only hurting yourself.  Because, if you do this and that and this and that to please everyone around you... you still end up being miserable because you aren't going to be happy... since you aren't doing what makes YOU happy.  (I'm letting my inner Ember show).  And you my lovely readers?  Whats the biggest lesson you learned this year?
Until next year puddins
♥Savvy Quinn☻


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Austen -  colours by Truth Hawks @ Uber
Skin: Lara Hurley– Maitreya Skin Appliers by Lara Hurley
Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Head Applier:  Lara Hurley Alena Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Tattoo: [White~Widow] DeadMan – Henna by Julie Hastings
Mask: SS-Cat-Mask by Roxy (sinfulsky) @ Kinky Monthly 
Lingerie: erratic / valentina - lingerie / rose SET (maitreya) by erratic (erratic.rain) @ Collabor88 
Shoes: REIGN.- ETERNAL HEELS- CRIMSON by  Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε F. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)
Pose: Purple Poses – Showtime – Pack 01 by    Ⱥudrɇy – Purple Poses (audrey.guter)

Crimson Frost.

Good morning!

I hope Santa was good to you all! He sure was good to me. I got a new computer, (OK maybe I mentioned that one already) The photos here were taken last week with the old lap top but I am so excited for the clarity of my new photos.. Blah, blah yap, yap.

Right, in this post are some more items from F R O S T. and other goodies.
I took the photos at one of the LEA sims. They are so neat, you really must go see. Just punch LEA into your SL map and you'll find them.

That's it from me today. I am very distracted trying to figure this computer out , remembering passwords and all that jazz.
♥ Ember ♥

lady in red Blow kisses

~ What I'm Wearing ~

  • Hair  - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Daichi hair - with earmuffs | By Ikira Frimon | F R O S T
  • Skin – [ MUDSKIN ] | Bambi#Rare1_E1_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.
  • Eyes – AVELINE | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo.| FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Shape  Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body –  Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Lashes – Mon Cheri |  "Falsies" Eyelash | By Freya Olivieri


  • Dress – [ SAKIDE ] | Flocon | By Kinu Mayako | F R O S T
  • Rings - Kibitz | Miry ring set - copper | By Kathya Szczepanski |  We ♥ RP
  • Necklace -  Empyrean Forge | Wassail Charm Necklace – Silver | By EmpyreanForge | F R O S T
  • Polish-{ZOZ}- Winter Colors ,Maitreya | By Zozicon @ F R O S T

  • Poses  PosESioN | secret 1 & Almu |  By Dahriel.
  • Lighting – LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.
~SIM ~

Into the great unknown

*Warning* This post my get a little long. So let me get the goods out first.
First.  Reign is having a half off sale!  Its ONLY for this weekend so hurry your rear end over and grab up those shoes or boots you have been holding off on.  Its even including those awesome boots that fit with the new Blueberry jeans!  Now store credit can't be used or earned during this event but half off almost everything else in the store!
Second, this dress from Blueberry... oh honey.  Comes with this huge hud.  Panties optional.  You can change the sweater, the fur, the buttons.  Totally worth the fight to get into Uber!
The goods are below.
Now for the talky part!
As we are rounding off another year, I find myself rather glad to say goodbye to 2015.  While I had a lot of good, I think I'll be embracing 2016 with open arms and hoping it goes a lot better.  I made a few friends.  I lost a few.  I reconnected with some people and boy did I learn some hard lessons.
One of the biggest things I struggle with is leaving the past in the past.  This is something I plan on working on in 2016.  When someone leaves my life, I'll let them.  When I make a mistake, I'll not over analyze it for the next 6 months.
The future is scary.  I think the biggest reason is because it is unknown.  Is this going to be the greatest thing over or the biggest mistake I ever made?

I have a few of the greatest friends ever.  They are my guiding lights.  They are there to help me when I'm scared to make my next move.  My picture today isn't just a blog picture... but I'm looking out into the unknown... and I have my light.. My friends... to help me.  (okay that was corny.)

But its kind of exciting too.  A new year is a chance for a fresh start.  Its a chance to leave the bullshit of 2015 behind.  All the angst.. all the crap that you've went through.  Leave it behind.  Step into 2016 and think positive.  Its not easy.  I know I keep getting reminders of mistakes I made.  But I just try to keep my head up.  I do keep a lot inside.  And very... very few people know just how bad its been lately for me.  But going into 2016, I'm going to try to be a more positive person.  One of my favorite things in the world:
While I will probably push out at least one if not two more posts before the new year.. .this is my 'resolution' post.  So here's to a new, fresh start Puddins.  Mwah!
♥Savvy Quinn♥


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Faith Mesh Hair - Candies Pack by MissAllSunday Lemon
Skin: Lara Hurley– Maitreya Skin Appliers by Lara Hurley
Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Head Applier:  Lara Hurley Alena Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Tattoo: [White~Widow] DeadMan – Henna by Julie Hastings
Dress: Blueberry - Gwen - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Fat Pack by Blueberry (blueberryxx) @ Uber
Boots: REIGNREIGN.- Scarlett Boots- FATPACK by  Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε F. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole) HALF OFF SALE TILL 12/27/2015!!
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ NEKOlace [Calico]by Halo (halogen.magic) HALF OFF SALE IN STORE TILL 12/27/2015!!!
Pose: :Picture This!: By Lantern Light 1 by Keliah (keliahangelis) (I cannot find anything about this pose store anymore.  I'm sorry... )

I feel pretty

OK guys , we have to hurry here.
The earrings are still free @ Kitty CatS. I just checked and the Calendar was still up. Run over and grab all the gifts !!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KittyCatS/127/110/25

Also I just checked over at !Oleander, They also still had their 50 L Friday hair up in the store.
 Run run!! 
I have had so many compliments on this braid. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whisperwoods/120/64/24

I love everything about my new look, did you notice what is different?
 My skin!!!
 I joined the Birdy VIP Group for 150L the other day and brought the vip skins for 1L each. 
The Maitreya applier was 450l but such a deal!! 

Oh and,  I just looked, I am pretty sure the fee is 0L maybe for a holiday special. Join the group here -  secondlife:///app/group/e6dcfdb2-e2a7-64c2-f08f-a582a490a187/about
The boots are still on sale for 50% off!
Today is the last day  of the Reign Sale. December 27. These Mishi boots are made to fit with some of Blueberry's newer pants. I adore a good collaboration, don't you? 
You can find some of Blueberry's jeans over @ the Reign main store beside the boot vendors.
 Check the credits for TP.

I will shaddup now.
 Even though i could bang on about the sweater I'm wearing by Blueberry and the Mina hair. Just look to the credits and go grab them up. 
Oh one more excitement. 
 ♥ Ember ♥

A little clarity

~ What I'm Wearing ~

  • Hair 1 - MINA Hair | Stella | By Mina Nakamura | @ Tres Chic
  •  Hair 2 - !Oleander | Halverson.| By baileeoleander. | Was for Fifty Linden Friday
  • Skin – .Birdy. |  Ali - Pure | By Nina Helix  | Vip Gift | 150L Join fee
  • Eyes – AVELINE | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo.| FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Shape  Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body –  Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Lashes – Mon Cheri |  "Falsies" Eyelash | By Freya Olivieri


  • Sweater dress –  Blueberry  | Gwen - Cardigan Dress - Maitreya | By Blueberryxx | @ UBER
  • Boots REIGN.- Mishi Thigh High Boots- MOCHA | By kenadeecole. | 50% OFF! | Last day of sale Dec 27.
  • Earrings - Kunglers | Silver earring - L - V2 | By AvaGardner Kungler | FREE ADVENT GIFT @ KITTYCATS
  • Poses an lar [poses] | Simpli  III & Seattle Series | By Katya Valeska | @ SHINY SHABBY
  • Lighting – LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.


Hey everyone! Remember those super Sexy REIGN boots that are compatible with Some of Blueberry's new pants?

Well I had brought myself a pair when they first came out then I hemmed and hawed over buying more as 360L, although fair for the quality is a bit out of my price range.

Well anyway, this morning Savvy pointed me to the Reign FB page .
 I checked it out and OMG 50% OFF the whole store!!! December 26 & 27.
 So now these boots are 180 a pair!

*Walks out dragging her very first fatpack of boots.*

LIMO TO REIGN - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yesterday/88/120/22

Reign 50% off sale!

  • Boots REIGN.- Mishi Thigh High Boots- MOCHA | By kenadeecole. | 50% OFF! 
  • Pose -  an lar [poses] Simpli Series III | By Katya Valeska | @ SHINY SHABY

Santa Baby...

"Been an awful good girl, Santa baby"

*Crosses fingers*  I have been I swear!
I didn't even break the bank on this incredibly smexy lingerie!
Erratic decided to gift all us good (Okay and maybe bad...) girls this year with this beautiful lingerie.  You have to join the group (Which is 99L if you haven't joined it already) but you get the lingerie I'm wearing and a blue set too!  It is fitted to the Maitreya body, and like I've crooned about in the past, it fits so well, it almost looks like a layer!

And I thought it would be good to surprise Santa when he slides down the chimney tonight!  He'll like this better than milk and cookies right?? ;)
*insert dirty joke about stuffing stockings*

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just a good few days.  However you choose to celebrate or even if you don't celebrate, have a great weekend Puddins!

"So hurry down the chimney tonight"

♥Savvy Quinn♥SantaBaby
Hair: Doe: Barbette (solid) - Fatpack by Helyanwe Vindaloo
Skin: Lara Hurley– Maitreya Skin Appliers by Lara Hurley
Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Head Applier:  Lara Hurley Alena Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Tattoo: [White~Widow] DeadMan – Henna by Julie Hastings
Lingerie: erratic / hohoho - lingerie (maitreya) - Candy by erratic (erratic.rain) FREE GROUP GIFT (You do need to pay 99L to join the group)
Shoes: REIGN.- Adele Heels- Pomegranate by  Oրհεlἶმ Kεղმძεε F. Rεἶցղ (kenadeecole)
Rings: Kibitz - Miry ring set - onyx by Kathya Szczepanski @ We ♥ RP
Fireplace: N4RS Hampton Fire Place by alecat Breda
Ornament on fireplace: [Commoner] Framed Monogrammed Ornament / S by  Emery Milneaux @ The Arcade 
Tree: LAQ Decor ~ Christmas Tree - Red by Winter DiPrima
Pose: Exposeur - Vintage Pin Up Ornament  6 by RubyStarlight Writer @ Winter Gacha Festival 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ycWObpi73Y]

Man oh man

Good morning! 
Happy Christmas Eve!

This post all started with one of my daily visits to the Kitty CatS SIM , you remember, to their free month long advent calendar?

Well one day, there was a gift from Nivaro. It was this beard stubble.
You still have time to go and grab all the Free Gifts)

 Now I normally would have no use for a beard but I decided to challenge myself and see if I could make a male avatar. I pieced him together with a shape and skin from Clef de Peau That is available @ F R O S T 

I have changed his face and head sliders a bit to work with this Bade hair from Hairology But other than that, I found the shape perfect for my needs.

I am glad I parked this photo or I would have wound up at one of those mesh stores shelling out for a body I don't really need,  The urge was so strong though because ,wow I have forgotten what the basic SL shape does when bent into poses. 
I topped him off with one of my tattoos from Queen oF Ink  and declared him ready to rock.

*Personal note: Ladies, if you are making over a man I would say the first thing you need to get him is Slink feet. (There is a reason you don't see mine in this photo !)

Right that's all from me today. DO NOT FORGET, Get over to Kitty CatS SIM now, while you remember. The gifts and generosity of all the designers involved is AMAZING! Oh and did I mention they are FREE?


about a boy

- Worn - 

  • Hair - [bade] | Kai | By Melvin Bade | @ Hairology
  • Hair Base - enVOGUE | HairBase - Dark Brown | By Casandra Rain.
  • Skin/Shape - Clef de Peau | Hideo | By LaPenderiedeNicole  | @  F R O S T
  • Eyes - AVELINE | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo.FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Jeans - Lenox | 2015 Denim | By Leviathan Flux.
  • Pose - {NanTra} | Casual Male | By Nancoix Urquan.
  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

2 Free Hairs In Secondlife

I posted this over on Hair SL earlier. I used the designers product photos they have on Flickr as I don't have much time to do my own. I figured I would share this with you all here in case you don't follow Hair SL. You should, it's my baby

  1. Dura has a Christmas Hunt.  To join in the fun you need to join their group, go to the main store and find the 12 Santa’s, I think once you find and click all 12 this hair is yours!  The group is free to join, Copy and paste this link  (secondlife:///app/group/a83f2f96-2173-6ba4-c0e6-553a71c3dc2c/about ) into your browser , join then head on over to Dura to begin your hunt! Limo to Dura  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dura%20Dura/65/128/100
  2. Clawtooth has this cute hair out in 2 festive colors free for her group and subscribo members. Just head over to the storehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tableau/209/142/23 and join either one. ( While there make sure to wander around the SIM, it is really neat!
Thank you designers! 
Merry Christmas Everyone 
DURA-Chirstmas group hunt
Clawtooth 2015 Holiday Group Gift

Baby its cold outside

Or not... where I live you can hardly tell that its almost Christmas!
Which is very disappointing!
I for one like my Decembers cold!
But at least I can get my snow fix in Secondlife!
I wanted to share goodies with you today.
But first, my apologies for the dark Root.
I couldn't lighten him up in the picture no matter how hard I tried :(
Other than that, see below for goodies!
♥Savvy Quinn♥

Hair: TRUTH New Release & Holiday Gift 13 Dec 2015 by Truth Hawks FREE IN THE SUBSCRIBO NOTICES
Skin: Lara Hurley– Maitreya Skin Appliers by Lara Hurley
Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Head Applier:  Lara Hurley Alena Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Coat: !Rebel Hope - Charlize Mesh Coat  Rebel Pack by Rebel Hope @ FaMESHed
Jeans: Blueberry - Tink - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Fat Pack by Blueberry (blueberryxx)
Root: Birdy - Star Catz - Root [box] RARE by Tyr Sinister (tyr.rozenblum) @ The Arcade 
Boots: -Ikonik- Furendy Boots {Deluxe Fatpack} by Ikonik @ Premium Only 
Pose: oOo innocent_five by Olaenka Chesnokov FREE GROUP GIFT (you do have to pay 100L to join the group but there are a ton of group gifts)
Location: Kalamata

A Group Gift Post

Hello everyone!

I have quire a few free and group gifts to show you today. 
4 are totally FREE Check the credits carefully. 
There is a small join fee for the hair but OMG it is so worth it!!!

Peace and love
Ember ♥

A whiter shade of pale

~ What I'm Wearing ~

  • Hair  - lovey dovey :: Jenna | By Teeny Spot | GROUP GIFT 100L JOIN FEE
  • Hair baseJust Magnetized | Natural Hairbase - set 03 | By Justyna Magne.
  • Skin – .::WoW Skins::. | ADV CALENDAR 2016 Skin TAN | By sawsan SecretSpy | FREE ADVENT GIFT @ KITTYCATS
  • Eyes – AVELINE | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo.| FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Shape  Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • Mesh Body –  Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Lashes – Mon Cheri |  "Falsies" Eyelash | By Freya Olivieri


  • Poses an lar [poses] | Simpli Series III | By Katya Valeska | @ SHINY SHABBY
  • Lighting – LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.


Good morning! 
I know this is a bit of a different post for me but I took the photo and really liked it so, thanks for looking?

The items I am wearing can mostly be found at this years F R O S T event, right down to my shape. The pants are super hot but I find I have some troubles photographing below the belt. ( Go figure.) But trust me, head over to the event and grab a demo. I promise you will adore them!

Anyway I really liked this photo, Oh I said that already? My bad.
Happy shopping!
Ember ♥


~ What I'm Wearing ~

  • Hair  - RAW HOUSE | Goon | By Lena Khaos @  F R O S T
  • Skin – [ MUDSKIN ] | Bambi#Rare1_E2_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.
  • Eyes – AVELINE | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo.| FREE ON MARKETPLACE
  • Shape  SuPerBia | DuNya | By ojeras Tolsen @  F R O S T
  • Mesh Body –  Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Tattoo - Endless Pain Tattoos | Credo | By Mae Jewell | @  F R O S T

  • Pants - [Cynful] | Joggers, Maitreya | By Cynthia Ultsch | @  F R O S T
  • RingsKibitz | Miry ring set ,copper | By Kathya Szczepanski | We ♥ RP ( Click photo and enlarge in Flickr)
  • Pose prop – Diesel Works | PolyWall | By Rogan Diesel.
  • Lighting – LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.

Christmas in Blues

It is very early morning here, so good morning you all. I am soon getting all ready for Christmas both in SL and RL, got baking and cleaning left.. and a few gifties hehe... But I get time for SL shopping in between the battles and I found this so romantic and sexy lingerie from Erratic at December round of Collabor88! 
naadi - Christmas Blues 

I am wearing:
Hair:Magika (Beans w/bow)
Skin:Glam Affair (Angelica-jamaica)
Eyes:IKON (Triumph - Sky)
Lashes:Izzie's (Mesh Alpha Lashes)
Mesh Body:Maitreya (Lara)
Collar:RealEvil Industries (LUX Ti Amo Necklace)
Lingerie:Erratic @ Collabor88  (Valentina-frost)
Shoes:N-Core (Pleasure Glass)

House:LAQ (Serene Tree & Windmill Home)
Deer:Half-Deer @ Collabor88 (Porcelain Deer Figurine-Gold)
Noel sign:Glam Affair @ Collabor88
Lantern:Trompe Loeil Callender @ The Arcade (Reclaimed Lantern)

Pose used:Ploom (Wish - 6 Curvy)

Have a peaceful and loving holiday you all, and may you have the best start on a new year to come

love: Naadi