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Candy Shop Teaser.

The Candy Shop opens tomorrow!
It  runs until the 14 of August.
This is the second round of this Bi weekly event.
Who doesn't love sweet sugary goodness. Check out the items offered this round below and don't forget to check it out tomorrow!


Aloha, There's A Hair Sale!

Told ya I'd be back with more! This time I am showing off an outfit from MOoH, It is super cute as is everything this designer puts out. Savvy already showed you their fair gift yesterday and I am sure that between the two of us you will be seeing lots more in the future!
Also there is a hair sale. Oh yes, HAIR SALE! It's over @ [elikatira]  to celebrate the owner's 9th rezz day! Remember them? Way back in the day they were called ETD Oh I loved that store, But I think I love the new one more! Go check out the sale!
*Notes on this post. The AloHa Fair runs until August 11th. You can find freebies & dollarbies in the surfboards inside the booths.[elikatira] Hair sale runs until August 22. Regular color packs are on sale for 99L! Happy Shopping! ♥ Ember ♥

Unedited Raw shots. Click to enlarge.

.Credits.Hair[elikatira] - Brenna (By,Elikapeka Tiramisu) SALE! 99L Per color pack. Flower - Delirium Style - Hibiscus Hair Accessorie (By,Christel Morane) FREE@ THE ALOHA FAIR Skin

Aloha goodness!

I am usually not a fan of summer. I much more prefer the cool and dark... I think I'm part vampire! However, summer on sl is much more tolerable. No sunburn, no heat, just gorgeous sims and pretty things :D The Aloha Fair opened the other day, and so much goodness to have :D Ember has showed off some goodies already but I wanted to show a few off as well. And the opening of the fair coincided perfectly for me to show off this new, cute bikini from NS:: I think if my inventory gets any bigger, it'll have to have it's own house!

In first picture: Hair: TRUTH HAIR Thelma -  colours Bathing Suit: NS::  Mesh ReTro CuTe Bikini (Comes with a hud with 6 different patterns so it's like 6 bikinis in 1!!!) Pose: estetica: sunshine in my heart (was an old dollarbie, no longer available)
In second picture: Hair: Magika [02] Shimmer Hair Flower: D-Style - Gift Hibiscus Hair Accessorie @ The Aloha Fair Top: MOoH! Bandana beach top @ The Aloha Fair Shorts: MESH - Jeans Mini-Shorts - R…

Aloha Again!

Morning friends! The Aloha fair opened yesterday and I have a lot to show you. I will spread it out over the length of the event. It closes on August 11th.
Goodness, summer is just flying by. That saddens me a little bit as where I live, after summer is snow,snow and more snow :( Ok, enough of my babbles, on with the notes.
*Notes on these items. The Aloha Fair Started yesterday and runs until the 11th of August.My Attic is on until July 31, all items are only 95L so hurry over before this round ends!Panda Punx has this skin,shape and appliers as a group gift!Poetic Colors has these yummy eyes free !Designer Circle runs until August 2 so don't forget to check it out! Happy Shopping! ♥ Ember ♥

Unedited photos Click to enlarge.

.Credits.HairKOY - Alexis (By,Steve Cartier) @ MY ATTIC Skin,shape,appliers.:Panda Punx:. Kinomi Natural (By,Lluna Nitely) GROUP GIFT EyesPoetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves(By, Lano Ling) FREE DressNinety - Everyday "Peach" "OUTFIT…

A Secret Fantasy World

My apologies for the sporadic posts. Between rl work and work I've been doing in sl, I've been a busy busy bee! But I have not forgotten, and I have pretties to show you! The Secret Affair has gotten even more of my monies. But it was so worth it for this corset. Then I had to hit up Alchemy's gacha because I REALLY wanted that unicorn mask. I didn't get it from the machine *sadface* But a cry for help on my facebook, and my super awesome friend Caiti came through :D SO THANK YOU CAITI FOR THE UNICORN MASK Now this event ENDS tomorrow on the 29th, so you better hurry and get that money spent! *giggles*
On to the stuffs! (Better pictures are on my flickr page HERE)

Hair 1st picture: .ploom. Honey - Ploomage Hair 2nd picture: Exile::After the Rain Sparkle- Blonde (Both of these were at the hair fair, neither are in the stores yet, I will keep you updated though!) Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ Natural Milk] Necklace: Alchemy - Dreams - Epaulets - Cream @ The Se…


So the Aloha Fair opens today @ Noon SLT! There is so much summery goodness @ this event, a definite must visit! Also if you cruise around the booths, look for the surf boards. Most of these are gifts , either free or 1L*( Could be more,not 100% sure.)
For my first proper post I am showing you this cute little dress from Mimosa. I just adore the whole romper look!
* Notes on the events listed. The Aloha Fair runs until August 11th. Opening @ Noon today!This TRUTH hair is @ L'amitie Summer Marketand only here till Aug 2. This is on an Adult SIM but you want to go there because this sweet hair is on for 150L a colour pack (Not all)The Skin & Shape are a group gift fromPanda Punx ( How sweet is this!)The -ZOZ- Shoes are available over at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. This round ends August 2 So best run over soon before all these goodies are replaces with more!
(P.s, What do you think of how I have been formatting these posts lately?  I mean with the notes. Please, any feed back is …

Second Life Premium Membership Sale & More!

So I saw this on Secondlife. com ,hummed and haw'd till Savvy told me she brought a membership to get into the premium sandboxes.  Well, no fair! I wanna unpack with you. :(  So I grabbed up a membership too. Cost me just over 12 bucks for like 3 months I think. And now I have a house! It is huge and mostly empty but I added some essentials like a bed, make up table and a computer :)
*Notes. The Premium membership sale is for a limited time only, Like 50% off so check it out at the SL website Attic runs until the 31st if you love this hair as much as I do!The Collage home and garden event began on the 23 so you still have plenty of time to get over there as they don't turn over till the 23rd of Aug!Uber is a new event starting on July 31st and the line up looks FANTASTIC! Check out their FB page .The Aloha Fair begins today @ NOON! So get ready to shop till you drop! Lots of 1L gifties too.


Bandana Day, Last Day For Hair Fair!

Good morning everyone!
So for anyone who reads my babbling you know I have been having a lot of rezzing issues.  Well I spent a good chunk of yesterday downloading viewers other than Firestorm to see if that would help. Seems Singularity did the trick! But, I am so not used to that platform any more and their photo tools are not as user friendly believe it or not. I love how with FS we have the tool bar buttons to drag to our tool bar. I am a heavy user of the photo tools button there. But with minimal cursing I managed to take this photo with everything behind me staying rezzed ( first photo) So yay!
OK, on with my notes. The Top Hat can be found over at a new to me event called After 6 Days.(Mix & Mach) This event started on the 25th and runs for 14 days.You basically buy what exclusive items you like from the event and when you open them, there is a scratch card for a discount for a complementing item at the vendors main store. Like, for the top hat, there is a matchy bow tie @…

Good Morning Starshine.

Did that give anyone an ear worm? You're welcome!
So I kinda sorta had an accidental shopping spree the other day. I was over at the dreamers factory and went to buy a demo. You know how they have them set out to buy at the booths? Well this one was right beside a pay item and I dunno maybe they overlapped,most likely I was not paying attention and brought the pay item instead. Good thing it is super duper cute! It's this dress from C'est La Vie. It has little lighted bits on the skirt , so pretty.
Anyhow if you haven't been over to the Dreamers Factory, you really should. It's cute,fun and interactive at the start.
* Event notes. Collabor88 , where this beautiful hair is at runs until ,let's say the 5th of August. to be safe as they open on the 8th of the month for their next round.
Dreamers Factory, Where you can find this dress & the gachas for the birdy and bikes ( I reallly wanted the balloon one, but this is cute!) Runs until August 22.
The black Dot Pro…

She Bangs.

Bangs her head against the wall!
Oh man the time I'm having. Ever since Linden Lab implemented server side baking, my SL has been a mess. I remember being so excited about it and now... Not so much. Everything in in a constant state of rez flux. I tried to do some pretty photos, standing in a field with meadow grasses. Yep, forget it. Everything kept blurring out. And not all at the same time. Nope, one would pop into focus then the other would fuzz out. GRRRR. This is not a fun thing ,if any of you know how I can possibly fix this. Please I beg you, contact me. Either here on the blog or in world @ Ember Adored. I would really appreciate your help.
OK, on with the fashion!
My Attic is open and Somnia has the cutest things for you! This top, shorts and shoes for the slink high feet. So sweet. This round ends on the 31st, hurry scurry . (Pssst.. I think everything Is 95L there.)
My Skin & Shape are @ The Dreamers Factoryand Oh my goodness this place is so sweet & just getting…