Held In A Cold Embrace.

Alright, here's the deal. 
We all remember me mentioning Nika and her shop Cold Embrace right?
Remember she has a great collar there just for our readers?
Code is /69 turophile

Anyway Today she sent out a note to her group..
Basically what it said is this..
Come on down to Cold Embrace, join the update group(like 0 spam FYI) and slap the bondage bunny..(Yes there really is one there)
On the day of her Next new release this Chastity belt, she will draw 3 names at random and they get one for FREE!
This belt has everything! Colour change, bad word, lots of leash points..
A strap on, RLV menu, even a zapper..
So Head on down to Cold Embrace and beat the bunny
Oh yeah FYI.. That is me in the photo above testing the belt. 
Nika has been oh so kind as to...
On a timer Till I get the keys back.
There have a laugh on Ember. 
Cheers, xoxo


  1. I slapped the bunny and signed up! If I win, I'm turning "fem" just so I can wear this sweet belt. I love the front o-ring for attaching to things. Oh, and be careful...
    the bunny bites!

  2. LMAO, I'll put in a request that he be gagged .

  3. I really would like to feature this product (belt) on my blog crotchesofsl.blogspot.com - I just need permission to use this picture. May I please use this picture? Will happily add your blog to my blogroll.

  4. Only an hour & a half????
    Nika is mellowing with age! LOL



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