/me Growls.

 I am angry. Angry at myself.

I try so hard to learn from every experience in life, both FL & SL.
But some things I just cannot seem to get right no matter how hard I try.
I seem to keep making this same mistake over and over. I get upset.
So upset that I sit fuming or crying at my keyboard when I KNOW there is another solution to whatever it is that's bothering me. 
Seems to me I need to take a page out of my own book and Re learn to communicate!!
So folks here are some photos that reflect my mood. Enjoy.

Photo # 1
Hair.Group gift from Curious Kitties
Lingerie. Group gift from Luna's Boutique
Boots. Freebie from Blue Blood

Photo # 2
Hair and Makeup. Creatives (Not free)
Outfit. Freebie from Bare Rose