Innocent & Sexy: an impossible mix?

I'm sure you are all familiar with this feeling. While you work off that stores-to-visit-list, you suddenly end up in a shop that makes your heart flutter. An excitements builds in your belly as you cam quickly, scanning the merchandise. This stuff is cute! This stuff is affordable. Or hey, a groupgift! Well, this feeling happened during christmas about ten times in a row for me, but one of the most memorable was with {dollle*}.

I loved all the things that were being sold there! It seemed almost impossible for me to pick an outfit to show you dolls, let alone to mix cute with, eh, kinky. But I simply couldn't choose, so I am going to anyway.

Show off your legs
On the first picture I am wearing {dollle*}'s Front Zip Leather Outfit. It is a very detailled mesh dress with a shrug, both are seperate meshes. It is short, sexy and yet at the same time very stylish. Wear a pair of high heels or boots with it and you can show off your legs all night long.

Long or extra long hair in many colors
The hair I'm wearing is another new discovery! It is a new release of Chemistry Hair, called Sirena. Buying this you get a HUD with a huge range of haircolors, a long and extra long version of the hair and a (rigged and unrigged) pom pom beanie - which also comes with a HUD with a lot of texturing options. As you may notice in the pictures there is a downside to this hair: can't wear this with big boobs and also some standard mesh clothing sizes are considered too busty. 

Comfortable, innocent and sexy?
The dress on the second picture is also from {*dollle*}. I love how comfortable it looks while casually being sexy (in an innocent way?). This U-Neck Sweater Dress comes in four pastel colors: white, gray, rosybrown and purple. 

Remaining Credits
Skin: [HUSH] Zoe - Bloom - Sugar
Make-up: Sally Lips (Neutral 02) of Mirror's Enigma (this gift seems no longer available, but there are many alternatives at the store) and .Pekka. Rocking - Shadow. On the second picture Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Collar: .Pekka. Heart ribbon collar - White (exclusive @ Frost)


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