Rolling restarts won't stop me!

So after two crashes, and a half dozen relogs since I was a cloud..
I finally got down to the Thrift Shop!
Only to be booted b/c the sim was restarting.
BUT, I finally got in and was able to stay in!
And boy, I was happy :D
My wallet wasn't though D:
Remind me to blame Ember.
After reading her blog post, I HAD to visit it lol

1Hundred has this adorable outfit out for 75L.
Isn't it lovely?
The horn and ears are from the Arcade.
75L from +Half-Deer+
My tail is from there too but you can't see it too well here.
Also from +Half-Deer+ and is 50L a chance.

{dollie*} has this Plain T-Shirt - White out for 50L
and this Tartan Front Slit Micro Skirt - Black for another 50L.
Mix and Match because they have a bunch of different color choices for skirt and shirt.

=Razorblade Jacket=  has a ton of things out.
I think they got a rather large chunk of my money today lol.
I'm wearing the Razor /// Baggy Tube Top - Kawaii Love You  (50L)
Then on my arms are the =Razorblade Jaclet= Arm Warmers /// Butterfly (50L)
On my feet are Razor /// Lovesick Boots w/ HUD (179L)
The boots are my current favorite thing.
The hud has 60 different patterns you can choose from.
thats like... 60 pairs of boots in one!!
And the wings are a 50L Gatcha Prize from Anymore.
Did I mention the Thrift Shop has gatchas?

So hurry down to the Thrift Shop and look around.

xoxoxox - Savvy