Riding nerdy :3

I'm a sapiosexual.
Being smart can be sexy.
Nothing is hotter than someone who is intelligent.
So when I seen the Sexy Nerd Hunt started today, I had to go skip through it and grab a few things.
and oh mah gawd, the cute things I found.

*NOTE* This hunt is not free but 5L a prize.  However there are prize previews HERE
And all the hints and stores can be found there as well!

First thing I'll show you is ::Egoxentrikax::
A 3d Hello Kitty with matching skirt :3.

This sexy jacket/mask and thong combo is entirely mesh.
And you can find it at .:[HTxDZ]:.

So I'm not a total Star Wars Geek.
But I had to have the hunt giftie from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* 
Its this R2D2 Dress :D

 Last but certainly not least..
The PI top and glasses are the hunt gift from Kawaii Sugar
 The skirt is the hunt prize from Intrepid.

So go get your nerd on!
Lots more prizes available :3

xoxoxox - Savvy