Slutty Sunday

Yes I know, slutty and Sunday don't usually go together.
But I couldn't help myself after doing part of the H.Y.I.S. hunt today.
Whats the H.Y.I.S.?

Hunt for Your Inner Slut Hunt!
Its one of the best hunts for skimpy clothes, dirty furniture, etc.
Its one of my favorite hunts to do.

First up is this hot little number.
Its from Rachel Swallows
Go ahead, I giggled at the name too.

This skimpy lingerie set is from Lushish Catz
Tango appliers included \o/

::Rack City:: has this pretty dress out.
You can wear it sheer or stack on the layers like I did.
Also includes Tango appliers :D

Finally was this 'hand'y bra and panty set.
J'Adore is featuring this, and a white version for their hunt giftie.
 Again, Tango appliers are included.

All the information on the hunt is HERE 

So go, be dirty and have fun :3

xoxoxox - Savvy