Late nights

So, I've been suffering from insomnia lately.
But good news for all ya'll gorgeous readers.
Because I get to see newness and spread the news!

First is from SLX.

The Summer Outfit is aptly named.
The Dress comes with a hud that gives you 5 choices to select from.
Then like all SLX outfits, it comes with the jewelry, shoes, and dress!
All for 95L HERE

Next is from *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*

The [*RD*]*Summer Time comes in 9 different colors sold separately.
The skirt is mesh, the shirt is layered.
And it includes Tango Appliers.
However SL was being mean and not rezzing my Tangos for me.
BUT you can see here, it can be worn without them.
Find this outfit exclusively at The Boobies Show 

That's all for tonight folks.
Have a great, wonderful, splendiferous weekend <3

xoxoxox - Savvy