A funny thing happened on the way to the fair...

Ohai! *waves and blows sugar cookie kisses*  That's right, I'm back again!  Did ya miss me?  I hope so because I brought more eye candy from the Funny Puppet Fair for you to feast on!  I won't even be a tease today and tempt you with tantalizing descriptions of the delectable treats! (I may or may not have been trolling word-a-day.com) *giggles*  Lots to see today so proceed, enjoy, make a list, make a plan and then go shop till you drop!

Hat/hair ~ Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Blonds Light

Glasses ~ Soothe. Sunglasses-Jelly beans (cherry coke) (FPF 2013)

Bag ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; moustache bag [white]  (FPF 2013)

Dress ~ *Tentacio* Puppi dress Pink (FPF)

Skin ~ ::Modish:: Dollz skin (FPF 2013)
*also wearing a Modish shape - CupidSis  from Marketplace*

Bangles ~ {alterego} eggcited (part of outfit)

Top ~ :Stigma: Tiny Tube Top (Solid Pack) - blue

Shirt ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; mr robotica shirt [blue] (FPF 2013)

Stockings ~ [BUBBLE] ELECTRIC - BE; kawaii robot stolkings [colorful] (FPF 2013)


Hair ~ /Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) -  Night shadow (The Arcade Gacha Event)

Top, pants, boots, hair bow, scarf and arm warmers ~ NS::  Shooting Star Outfit (FPF 2013)

Bunny ~ NS:: Sit Big Bunny (FPF 2013)

Bag ~ *Tentacio* Bunny bag pink  

Hair ~>TRUTH< Odette -  gingers

* Rivendell * Love Seeds - u-u, O-O, >-O, >.< (FPF 2013)