Treasure Hunt @ Little Britain Design

I logged in this morning to my Little Britain group all a buzz about a hunt..
A hunt you say? 
*Checks notices*
Ah here we go... 

Come along to Little Britain Designs Treasure Hunt today to see what you can Find.Through the land we have hidden 16 treasure chests (soccer balls) each containing an item of clothing.There is Some Really cool soccer shirts,sets,jeans,track jackets and other items to be found.The chests are copy so no matter how many of you comes to hunt you will all get the gifts.
Hunt starts now and will end up same time on Sunday. 
Happy hunting !! :D


  1. Hey thanks Emberrrrrrrr! Great hunt and I am now kitted out to support my ENGLAND to win the world cup! Go England! Go England!

  2. \0\, woot you're welcome Force, thank you for the comment and glad to help :)


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