Hi, Dolls!

Happy Weekend!
I started this post yesterday and well life got in the way of posting. 
I ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the fam. I may have fell asleep part way through but it's OK! I saw it @ the drive in already!

Today's photo is similar to the one I posted previously. I tried to make the background a bit less flat by using the pixlr editor feature in Ribbet but even with a lot of help from a friend I just couldn't figure it all out. ( Might have something to do with the face I had 6 kids in my house at the time, maybe.)

So, hopefully soon I will figure all this out and then I can grow & grow..
I am rambling again aren't I?

Eh, Here's my photo, credits with embedded links below as always.
Happy Weekend to you.