The making of a man.

Okay boys and girls listen up!
 I saw this fantastic free skin on 
 ( Ty, Yves)
I just had to show you! So I turned one of my alts into a boy.

Let's call him Nix. 
Isn't he pretty?
He is wearing T shirt and jeans from

A totally wicked freebie shop.
I recommend a visit here boys!
And if you are able, leave a tip in the jar eh?

Here's a shot of the yummy skin..can be found at
You join their group and buy the male gift for 1$.

My hair is free from  UncleWeb Studio
It's called Reid. 
 So here you go.
Proof positive that you can make a great looking boy 
For  FREE!


  1. Nice job hun, but I wouldnt shag him! Har Har,,, seriously good free avatar , nice work.. Marky.

  2. nice work i would do him.

  3. Yummmmm can I date that sexy boy??
    *licking lips*

    FINALLY some nice stuff for boys, our eyes deserve them looking pretty... since we are the ones looking at them *grin*
    Good going, kiddo
    Mom aka Spirit :)

  4. Geez you guys, all a bunch of PERVERTS!!
    But seriously, thank you.

  5. Lord "Prefers Girls"19 February 2010 at 03:08

    Who is this Nix guy that keeps checking out my ass? Tell him to knck it off, I don't play that way.

  6. Funny, That's not what you said the other night..*winks*


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