I Like Latex!!

Have you ever been to Kayliwulf Kingdom?

They have tons and I mean tons of latex.
This store is massive folks and please beware of lag monsters..
They are everywhere here.
But once you press through the lag and go down stairs you see this...

A whole huge table filled with gift boxes..
And whats that?...
Oh yea, they are all FREE!
Something different in every box, color coded by the bows.
Please don't get confused here, there are actually 2 tables.
The smaller one has boxes themselves for sale for 10l.
Pictured above is the naughty schoolgirl in sunset.
I persevered and finally found the matching thigh boots!

In this photo I have on one of their sticky latex sport dresses with free toe shoes!!

Well yea haw..

Free latex all over the place.
Here's your TAXI... Have fun!
Em, xx