Happy Hump Day!!!

Let's start this morning off with this dress I got from the DSN  
It is from Inara's Fantasy .
I flew over to check out the shop.. 
lots of dollarbie sales on the back wall. 
1l silks and gowns, involved in a few hunts as well.

 Next up is FREE HAIR! 
Yep this supa cool Grape a lishious hair is one of 3 free ones at mikan. 
Kiss this baby..
  My new rockin outfit from LBD, on the mix n mingle hunt.*Hint* I <3 boots. 
I found this tail on xstreet as a gift from them. 
love it
 great textures,fluff and scripted to annoy the masses! muahaha..

Thats all I got for now folks.. Happy humping!