Sorting Inventory *screams*

Some stuff for Monday.

So I was looking through my*TO BE SORTED* folder..
( I think it's like half my inventory)
and came up with a few things to share with you .
Above is the Cat woman outfit.
A group gift from Luna's boutique.

And oh lookie here.. More latex..
A pink kitty suit from Mesmerize Dungeon.

In this photo I am wearing, Hair(hunt gift at :::IrEn:::)
Leather jacket (free from LBD MM board)
Pants from LBD'S weekly freebie CAUTION
And their New rock Gothic black boots
(not free)

Here is a full shot of CAUTION!
Hair is from Deadkitties .
Free on the HTGT hunt.

Last but not least is this sexy outfit from Blacklace.
I believe it is a gift in store.

So that's it from me today.
Hope you found this post interesting.
Kisses, Ember,xx