OK. So ,I was going through my blog roll this morning and what did i find?
*Great finds!*
Ha ha
I started with Super Bonita and found this smashing SILVER dress!
(thank you Ollivia)
Why am I so stinking excited about this?
Well, my longtime friend Forceme Silverspar has been looking for a silver dress for like EVER.
He he..
hope you like it hunny xx.
Next stop on my blog pervin tour was SL Good deals where Gabi Fitzgerald modeled this pretty skin..
I had to have it!!!
But alas my TP failed miserably & I ended up at the wrong shop due to a borked SL.
Well me bein the helpful lil subby that I am wrote Gabi a NC telling her about the failed TP..
She swooped right in and saved the day..
Seems SL and me were at odds.
There was nothing wrong with said TP..
Duh I felt foolish but hey,

What is Ember wearing?
HAIR~@TEKUTEKU(free or $1L)
SKIN~Sharon @ YS
&YS(group gift instore)
EYES~Magrttes fantasy@YIPS(free)
COLLAR~by Nikala Thespian of COLD EMBRACE (Custom made:)
DRESS~::TGIS:: (free gift..under the suscribomatic)

Hope you liked this post.