Little Britain Part 3

Hellooo Everybodyyyy! Wow what a day I have had.
Lets start at the beginning shall we? OK Opti called me to the store (Little Britain) "Quick *E* on chair! ZOMG*Ember Randt flies across the grid* Yay a skin!!!!(been wanting it like ..FOREVER.
Anyhoo while there Opti and I got our matchy clothes...Awww aint we just the sweetest..
I had a thought...Little Britain doesn't have a Midnight Mania board...OMG EMBER TO THE RESCUE
..You see, I really want to see this shop do well .I IM'd the owner..explained all about the MM boards and how they work.
She is cool, she tp'd over while I was at the lucky store and picked one up..Yes I feel soo cool now My like clothing Idol like not only responded to me...she actually took my advice ZOOOMG!!!
..OK enough ramblings just keep your eyes peeled for a MM board in store soon! enclosed are the freebies of the week for both men and women. Whiplash! Supa hot..And the Made in America skin..I showed it off to Opti first before the photo was taken..Yes I was soon "made by an American.." Cheers my darlings, till tomorrow ..or whatever Em xoxoxo


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