Ello my darlings. Sorry for posting so late in the day but hey I actually had things in RL.
Ok sooo Little Britain...DROOL.. OK yes ahem... Down to business
This week in their lucky chairs you will find... The basket case outfits for men and women.(the one with the glorious amounts of blood!) Also the skin I am modeling in all the pics witch is called *Love Bite* Purrs.. A man's version in the chairs as well.
Next up is the camping chairs. In these this week we can find ...An AC/AC belt . An AC/DC Ball cap. spiked arm bands and wicked neko Paw boots(with prints).
Freebies of the week are the Tomboy outfits..(love these) One each for men and women.
Ant whats this...Something new? Yes..a Midnight Madness board!!The red pants i am weating are from the MM also a men's board(get slappin folks)
So yes the many photos I took are above until 1 can figure this all out better.
Any questions Give me a shout. Cheers..Em xoxo


  1. Yay i got the lucky chair when i went for the MM board! And i got the pants from the MM board now too, thanks Ember!


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