Monday @ Little Britain Designs

Good morning my sexy crew.
Well it's Monday and that means..Yes that's right ..My absolute favorite store..Little Britain.
Let's see what goodies they have in store for us this week shall we..
This first photo is items from their camping chairs..
AC/DC sneakers & neko claws with arm bracers*purrssss*
This one below is a back view of the cool neko hat(with ears and hair) and tail from the camping chairs.
Also pictured here is Bloody hands off my ass! jeans from their MM board*
Think people will get the message and not touch me?*(naw he
In this photo you see me modeling their neko army brat outfit from the lucky chair! (yes theres a male version as well!)
Also if you click to enlarge the photo you can see the gothic cross belly ring from the camping chair.
Note the wicked white neko boots..*campimg chair too!*

Last but not least are this weeks freebies called ~Can I play with madness~
Eep my eyes are closed..ah well im farkin tired right!
So props to Little Britain for their awsome designs. Optimystic for being your wonderful self and helping your girl. Bondage playground for lettin me squat on a daily baisis.


  1. *cheers* Awesome piccys for the Lil Britain stuffs, well done you!!

    Thanks for the bloggy honey xx

  2. wonder why no one scolded my MAJOR typo????

  3. Need to get that freebie for sure, nice post Ember!

  4. Oh I love those claws! ;)
    Gotta love slaps on the ass... or bloody hands.. always a crowd pleaser :)
    I stopped off at Little Britian the other night.. great quality and fun stuff!
    Spirit aka Mom


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