It's Thursday,What??

Hey, happy Thursday and all that jazz.

Diving right in...
Super sexy pink baby doll is free @ go figure.. BabyDolls.
More pink..hehe.. this outfit is free at NADAS .
You'll find this and more free upstairs.
( I suggest the ..Spacehopper)
And finally...Yep, you guessed it..Little Britain.
This is the outfit currently in the midnight madness board .
Don't worry boy's there's one for you too!

That's it folks.
Ember Out!


  1. Glad to hear its a happy day! Don't worry, we all read your blog and enjoy it, keep up the good work you freebie guru/professional model. The middle pics the best outfit by the way.

  2. Love the babydoll, getting it for sure!


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