Happy..uh..is it Wednesday?

Morning lovelies..*yawns*

lets see what I have today,hO wEAr has a new freebie out. As usual its only available till 8pm tonight.

I don't recall the store name where I got this smokin hot leather coat.Go get it HERE for $1L!

The shirt was in the free goodies I picked up at Magi.

Last but not least the hair I am wearing is free from Goldilocks MM board.
Have a happy hump day all..*winks*


  1. Calendar-watcher22 April 2009 at 10:37

    Isn't Wednesday also known as hump-day?

  2. Yay another great blogpost, love the jacket! ^^

  3. What? No nekkies today? Nevermind, I know where to find you...


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