Thalia's Group Gifties!

Wow. Post #3 for today.
Ember is a busy bee.
This afternoon I bring you ..
Drum roll please....
I visited last night for the first time to hit the Midnight Madness board.
What else did I find?
A wall of group gifts!.. Girls you gotta check this one out.
Her textures are so good! and really that's what it's all about isn't it.

Highly detailed, quality clothing from in rich, warm colors and textures. Styles are primarily upscale woman's casual, although there is still plenty of variety, and some items for men as well. They have over 17 Member Gifts and Profile Gifts are given weekly. Right now there is a Red Tag Sale of $50L for individual outfits. Ends Monday at Midnight


  1. /me drools on the keyboard staring at the 2nd pic...with the see-through shirt and pinstripes

    See Em, I'm not just here for the nekkie pix!


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