Batty About Da Tangos

 I had a dream... Read on.

Photo 1 is another lovely dress from !ellemeno!
# 25 on the HTH trail.
I really love this designer.

Second photo is a sexy mini dress from 
#21 on the hunt trail.

And lastly is this sexy little tank top.
from ..:sexZ:..  #24 on the list.

This top is the reason for today's post  title.
I had the strangest dream about someone from SL last night.
 This top reminded me of them.
Goes to prove that you can walk away from someone but still have them in your thoughts.
 I doubt they look at this blog any more but if they do...
That concludes today's episode.. Stay tuned!
Ember xoxo
Other credits.
Photo #1
Hair, /Wasabi Pills/ Christy ( Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] Dare (Not free)
Skin, Alvulo! (Not free)

Photo #2
Hair, Truth , Josie in Pumkin pie (Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] (they will have to pry these off my cold dead body)
Skin, Alvulo! (Not free)

Photo #3 
Hair, Truth , Josie in Pumpkin Pie.(Not free)
Skirt, SUGAR (Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] again (Not free)
Skin, Alvulo! (Still not free)


  1. I love Ellemeno!! the creator is a part of the Playhouse!


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