Its The Little Things...

Gah!  This song keeps running through my head! So today this song is my muse.  They say diamonds are a girls best friend but I say any jewelry is...a girl can't have enough! (is that a hint to someone?  could be, could be...)

Anywho...There is nothing like the perfect earrings and necklace to make an outfit pop.  I found this super cool store that i'm loving for its unique pieces that I've not seen anywhere else in sl.  Welcome to my new go to place for cute trendy jewelry....dun dun dun....Amorous!

I know, I know...enough talking and on with the goodies.  Feast your eyes on awesomeness...

Case these joints for da goods:

Necklace & Earrings:   Triptych - Lust ~ Amorous
Hair: Looking - Firey Reds ~ [elikatira] Big big sale GO GO GO!
Eyes: Mesh Nebula Spring ~ Dead Apples
Nails: Basic prim nails ~ +*caNDy NaiL*+
Ring: Big ass rang - part of glamOrous - pw outfit ~ [ alterego ]

and now  it can keep running through your head today too!  mwaaah!  Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat <3