Late Breaking News!!!

Ohai all you fasionistas out there!  I hope you are staying warm an cozy in all this cold weather that has been sweeping the world!  I have on my warm and toasty bunny slippers as I sit here writing to you.

And now for some news that is truly squeal worthy!  We all love a great outfit but whats an outfit without cute hair?  Well I'm about to help you solve that problem.  [elikatira] is having a huge sale!  When I say huge I mean GINORMOUS!  She has decided to focus fully on just mesh hair.  What does that mean to you? Every..single...item..on..SALE! That's right everything in the store is now 70% off!  You have 1 month until all the inventory is gone for good and she begins her work on all fresh new stuffage!

Details to this amazing retirement sale are here.  The awesomeness is here.

Why are you still here talking to me?  There is gorgeous hair to be had!

Drowning in a pool of awesome,
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat