All your boobs are belong to us!

Ohai mon amie!  It's that time again and Kaileebaby aka the Princess Brat (that's me!) has been shoppin, shoppin shoppin!

I've been doing da Tango for a while now so I'm always on the lookout for clothes to hold these puppies in.  And no offense but  PB here (princess brat) is not a big fan of slut wear.  Once again Delirium also known as D-Style  has saved the day!

She has come out with some thing cute, stylish with sass and sexy all mixed up.  Hey!  Thats me!  *giggles*  I did mention that I'm a tad bit vain right? I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.  on wif da show!  skedaddle (is that even a word?)  to D-Style and get dis outfit nao! Da princess has spoken!

 omgooosh!  I almost forgot!  If you like Kawaii (and who doesn't??) then make your way to The Perfect Wardrobe.  They have super kyoot stuffs at super kyoot (i.e. cheap!) prices!  A great way to add some fun and uber flavor to your outfits!

Mucho squishes and lovins!  ~PB~

The Scoop:
Top w/ applier, skirt, shoes, bangles ~ Tam ~ D-Style 
Backpack ~ Kawaii Mousey Gumball Machine Jetpack ~ *Epic* @  The Perfect Wardrobe
Nails & ring ~ Sweet Coated Hand Set ~ UtopiaH @ The Perfect Wardrobe
Skin ~ Love - Milk ~ Illusory (store closed but skins coming soon) @ Auxiliary
Hair ~ Little ~ Magika
Boobies~ Tango Mesh Breasts~ Lolas


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