Did I mention my love?

Of tangos that is.. 
Ha! What did you think?.. Tut tut.
Anyway, a few freebies I picked up yesterday at BeWbApLoOza.
(Whew. That's more than a mouthful.)

The white top is a gift from Que Bella!

 My other shirt is on your boyfriends floor..(Haha)
A cute gift from Patchwork Heart.

And of course I can not exclude Curio.
 I know it has nothing to do with tangos(YET)
But oh god how we have missed you Gala. 
Glad to have you back!!
And with her return is a fat pack of skins. Cute huh!

Limo to BeWbApaLoOzA

Stretch Hummer to Curio