The Lexi Project

 The Lexi Project Flyer1    I was not sure what to expect when I teleported to this charity event to be honest.  It was put together very quickly to help offset costs of  cancer treatment for Lexi Zelin.  Owner of Angel Red Couture.  There are over 350 designers involved in this effort with 100% of proceeds going to Lexi for treatment.  I was impressed not only with the set up but the lack of lag for the amount of people there and booths set up.

Well done Toxxic Rhiannyr & Heather Smithson for not only getting this together fast and well done but for also selflessly donating time and space for this event and person in need.

The first Items I am showing off are this lovely skin with ALL APPLIERS by Lumae. Also this stunning floral Necklace by Zibska.  I HAD to have it.

Lexi , lumae, zibska.

In this next photo I am showing off two more HAD to have items.  This beautiful Necklace pack by Maxi Gossamer & Super adorable dress by Somnia.  It fits over my Maitreya body purrfectly!

Lexi Project, Somnia, MG

For more information on this special event please check out their webpage.