Ember learns to Tango!

So I have been humming and hawing over getting these things.

These things being Lola's Tango mesh boobies.

I got Kai to take me spur of the moment yesterday.
1,750L later...

Ember gulps.

So I try them on, look in the box and begin trying stuff out.
 Supposed to be easy to tint.( yeahhh right)
Anyhoo one of my friends from the playhouse told me about Alvulo having Tango skin appliers in with the skins.

Ember facepalms. Duh I knew this!!! 
I saw it when I grabbed their group gift the other day.

So I put on my skin, added the applier, clicked the button and held my breath.
Perfect fucking match!!!

Tango boobies can be purchased HERE.

Top skin is FREE @ Alvulo main store.

Second skin is 70L @ TDR fusion.