Ohai! Bonne année!  Feliz año nuevo and uh...Happy New Year!!  Ok, so I realize i'm a couple of days early but..shhh, just take it! 

On wif da show!  I has newness to share with you and I'm so excited!  I went wandering around today and I found a store that i'm just over the moon about! Its called (insert drum roll here) Delirium Style!  Not only does the designer make awesome stuffs but she does something that has made her my store of first choice...on each ad she actually lists the styling...hair, skin etc!  Delirium you rock in all your epic epicosity! 

Wait...you still here?  What are you waiting for? Get delirious at Delirium nao!!

Super squishes ~ Kaileebaby

Jacket, pants and boots : D-Style-TC Delirium Style
Hair : Cherilyn Hair @ Wasabi Pills
Super cute helmet: Maus Helmet @  Ugly Duck
Tank top: Wet tank top - [LiF]