Tips & Tricks For New Designers.

This is an edited re post of my Designer tips & Tricks . I removed the info about dealing with bloggers as I plan on making a new post just for that. all these links can now be found here -

I bet most of you are wondering why I'm making this page.
But Ember's Just a blogger!!!  Well,that may be true But I do deal with designers either directly or indirectly on a daily basis and I think I have a few tricks for you too :)

1. Marketing -
Via social Networking

There are a few things I think is an absolute MUST for both new and existing designers.

Flickr -
Here you should have at the very least 1 PAGE.
When you make this PAGE ( not a group) Make sure you use your store name.
This makes it easier for people to search and follow you.

  • I strongly suggest this because loads and loads of residents use Flickr on a daily basis. 
  • When we follow your store page on Flickr we see all your latest works may just run to your stores to grab them!
  • Now you can also have a GROUP for your store. This is a spot for residents and bloggers alike to drop in photos of themselves wearing your designs. A great way for you to find potential blogging talent for your business!

*Notes on Flickr.
When uploading a photo of your products, use the description field to write all pertinent info about said product.
*Please be careful Apparently Flickr 's TOS states Don't use Flickr to sell.
Post artistic teaser photos of your latest works, those dedicated shoppers will find a way to find you!Flickr is a photo sharing site. So photos it is!

Facebook -

  •  You should create a PAGE here as well. Same thing applies as above. Use your store name so people can find you.
  • You can also create a Facebook GROUP that people can and photos & blog links to.

*Notes on Facebook.
Don't worry about FB deleting these. You don't have to be a 'real' person to have a page or group!
Again, when putting your new releases on your page make sure to write out all info and the SLURL for us to go buy the goods!

There are a few other sites as well you can check out.

(I don't personally know the ins and out of these two social sites but they are used a great deal by residents and designers alike.)

Your Profile -
Now that you've created all these useful links, you need to put them into your profile and or onto a Social networking sign in your store.
Also to begin with , enlist your friends to help spread the word for you!
Designers, please.. For the love of God, put the up to date landmark in your picks. People inspect others outfits to find the creator, look in their picks and try to teleport to the shop. If it's a stale landmark, you've lost a potential sale. Also adding to this, if you use templates, do not include a current lm nor any other info How will anyone know where to find you?
A store blog -
I think it's a great idea to have a store blog but you HAVE to keep it up to date!
Again, share the link in your profile. You can use a blog format like
or  . If you prefer to use a website you can try . All of these sites are free to use!

Marketplace -
Some people just don't like to fight lag to shop so they just use good old MP.
Or they start a search there for a particular item. (Remember to put the link in your profile or networking board!)

When you use Marketplace,

  •  Make sure to keep your In world shop info up to date!It's a huge turn off to Use the provided link and have it take you elsewhere.
  • Make sure you provide all the info on the item. Price, prims, land impact.
  • Use Key words. Properly. If its a skirt, use skirt, if its a miniskirt, add that, if its a ball gown, use those words. Use only key words relevant to your item. Key words are very important for people to find your items.

2. Sales & Hunts.
Having special sales are a great way to gain new customers. Especially if you advertise as I've mentioned above.  You can do all sorts of special sales.
Here are just a few examples.

Marketplace Promo -
This is easy.  Just go into MP and adjust the price then add PROMO before the name. Don't forget to mention how long this item is at special price for! Also remember, Don't give away your item. Perhaps If you make items with animations, make a teaser product. One with very few animations in to give people a taste of what the full product is like. *Make sure people know it is not the full product, be very clear*

Group only sales -
I am hoping you have a group for your store. If not it is something to put on your to do list.
A lot of stores offer special sales for group member's only.
This is a great way to gain new and loyal customers.

Group Freebies -
One way to gain customer loyalty is to offer group members a Group Gift.
A great way to tell your loyal supporters you love them too.

  • Just drop the gift into group notices. You may want to add a fee for the two week period the item will be in notices. 
This stops people joining and leaving the group just for freebies.
( I can't believe I shared that *facepalm*)

Hunts -
Now I started out blogging Hunts so I'm gonna be long winded here :)

First of all if you are new to joining hunts check out this site.
HUNT SL. Scroll down the page looking to the right hand side for *future hunts*

Follow the links to applications and have fun.

*About the hunt gifts.
Now Designers. You spent the time to apply to be in this hunt.
Keep reminding yourself WHY you joined it.
To expand your customer base right?

  • Now the BEST way to do this is to make a GOOD hunt prize! You want to offer one of your best designs to give the customer incentive to shop at your store in future!!
 So many times I have seen stores give away a very poorly made item, A hair store giving out a pair of sunglasses Or a dress shop giving out a gesture.
 Don't be that store!

Make sure that before putting out your prize you include the following.
A texture of the item.
A thank you to the hunter * Potential future customer *
A LANDMARK for your store.
 Any of the handy links you have for your business.

Have a subscribe o matic -
You can buy one here.  You will get a sign to put in your store . Customers will click on it and then when you release new items, drop the notice into the suscribo and BAM, all your customers get the new release info!

Now that you have gone through all this -
You might want to think about either hiring or having a good friend become a manager . A store manager will deal with customers and anything you don't want to have to deal with. Just stick a note in your profile to direct all queries to (whoever the manager is) And you can keep on creating your prim magic with little interruption.

I hope this has been of some help to you. Keep checking back as I keep getting more and more ideas.

♥ Ember Adored ♥