Rotten to the core!

Ohai sugar dumplings!  Omagoosh!  Do I have some stuffs to share with you.  I hope you had a good breakfast and are ready to shop till you drop!  *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*  is having the sale of a lifetime.  Yesterday was the oh so awesome Rogue's (owner of RD) rez-day.  She decided to gift us all!  All the way until Sunday EVERYTHING in the store is on sale for 10L.  Yes you heard that right 10 freakin linden!  The only exclusion she made are The McQueen Dresses, the Limited Edition McQueen Dress, all clearance items and the Gatchas. EVERYTHING ELSE is 10L.  

So run people!  Hurry!  If you don't leave happy you can have all my candy and cupcakes...ok you can't really have them all but I'll share!  Now make like a tree and leave!

Lots of hugs and snugs,
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat
 Girl where you get that??

Necklace:  ~Pepper~ Valentine Set -  -perfect wardrobe-

Outfit 1
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh hair "Lala" Blondes
Dress: [*RD*]*Teal Lovelies*

Outfit 2
Hair: Magika ~ Visit
Dress: [*RD*]*Swagged Dress-Black*
Shoes: KIKI Designs-Coqueta Platform Open toe RED

Outfit 3
Dress: [*RD*]*Discarded Dolly Dress-Red Stripe*

Outfit 1
Dress: [*RD*]*Gothic Dress*

Outfit 2
Hat & Outfit: [*RD*]*The Mad Hatter Blue*

Outfit 3
 [*RD*]*Royale Dress-Brown Polka Dot*