Poison Apple

 Take a bite.

Take a bite

Hi, Dolls.

As promised, I went round the Enchantment Hunt.
Didn't even take very long as there are only 15 stops to make.
Today I am showing off 2 of my faves.
  1. This Genus Head applier from  DeeTaleZ. The hint for this store is - “Just like a photographer needs a LOT of LIGHTING to make great photos, you need good lighting to read a book! (In this case it’s maybe too much LIGHT).”
  2. This cute Choker from Bliensen + MaiTai . The hint for this one is -“These fellows have too many feet. Then again, they need them to run back to the water. “

To begin your hunting journey click here - https://enchantmentsl.com/brothers-grimm-hunt-hints/
If you need help join the free group  - secondlife:///app/group/b7849705-d288-f4bc-6487-1eb6b582e473/about

Below, you will find all the details.

What's made for what bodies.

Where to find the items.

 Landmarks are embedded into the names.

Raw photo below to see details in mid graphcs.

Let me know please if I've forgotten anything.

& Don't forget to always demo!

❤️Love Ember.❤️

Un edited photo mid graphics CalWL lighting.