Halloween @ Little Britain Designs

Here is Little Britain's  newest Halloween items. 
Now you can slice and dice those annoying...
( insert what annoys you here)

 Michael Myers 1500L

Jason Voorhees 1500L

 Freddy Kruger 1500L

Predator 3000L

And last but not least we have  Billy the puppet on his bike. 
This is ride able and totally creepy!!

 Thank you Ivica. You've outdone yourself again!

Oh p.s. There are new t shirts up as a freebie. 
So get down HERE and check the joint out!!

Dusted (updated)

So I was busy doing the Sinners Playground Hunt this week
As I sat sorting I came across this AMAZING outfit from [SKINwalkers] 
I had never heard of them before but with a prize like this I am sure to be back!!

Worn in this photo

Hair: ~Deviant kitties~ Lainey+goggles (Marketplace) 200L
Guns:~ Marketplace ~ Free
Outfit~ Grunge Dust~[SKINwalkers] Free hunt prize in the SPH
Chastity Belt:~Cold Embrace~( Not yet released, stay tuned)

 OK, so I have a stalker and her name is Mina.
She want's to be just like me ..
This is what happens when you wear the same thing with a titler that says
"I'm just like Ember now!"
You get..DUSTED!
 Hehe, <3 you Mina You're a star.


Today I have some freebie goodness from Inka's.

 Worn in this photo..
Skin: INKA'S ~Layla~ Free group gift
Eyes included.
Shape: INKA'S ~Layla~ 300L
Hair: Analog Dog ~ Baby Coca~ Free

Now in this photo LOL! See the look of suprise on my face?
I was attacked by some naughty hands from =Libertine= 
These were free off their MM board and there is a massive 5L sale on right now!!

Worn in this photo...
Skin: INKA'S ~Erica skin #5~ Free
Eyes: INKA'S ~Eyes 05 set7~Free
Hair: Magika ~Delora~Free

That's all for now. 
If I have time later today Expect some Halloween newness from...
Kisses, Ember..xoxo

Getcha Gatcha FTLO....Halloween!

First being FTLO sim Go see it!!

There's a hunt, there's sales and there's a..GATCHA Festival
That's right Every shop on the sim has got one going on!!
In the photo's below are some mouthies from It's Cake
15L. You can collect and trade with your friends.. 
In fact all gatcha are transferable so go have fun!

 HAIR: Magika Delora~Free in store
BAT MOUTHIE: It's Cake~15L

JACKET: Coco~FREE in store
HAIR: Truth~ Not free
CHASTITY BELT!!: Cold Embrace~ Prototype( Coming soon!)

Kisses and Leg humps,
^^Ember xoxoxo


Okay I've  been meaning to blog this nifty prize for ages.
This lovely bench has all sorts of tricks in it from pervy animations
to objects it will supply
(think gags etc)
It is the Sinners Playground Hunt gift from 
It took me ages to get my sister to agree to pose for this with me
(Sorry Reven)

Inka,Magika & Plastik

This skin is FREE from Inkas for her group members
The hair is new from Magika. Through their suscribo.
The dress is part of a great big pack from Plastik  you'll find it in group gifts.


Well you should check it out!
I snagged this awesome top and glove combo off the MM board the other day
and there's gotta be at least 6 freebies in the shop.
These may be free but the designer does put out quality.
The textures are AWESOME!

So head on down to Paradisis and check them out.
you won't be dissapointed!