I love Crickets.

New group and lucky board gifts out today.
Here is a photo of the yummy sweater and boots for group gift.

Hair in the photo is from Exile. 
It along with 2 other styles were in the suscribo. 
Limo to Crickets
Limo to Exile
I will post the mens gift and any of the board gifts I score.
Stay tuned.
Love and leg humps.
Ember xoxo.

1 L hair!!

@ (red)Mint

Downstairs. Also loads of 99L hairs.
While here, join the group. Gift in every shop
Have fun.

Something blue...

OK not something but Seldom blue .
They have a free gift out at this crazy cool and well done zombie sim.

Hit the teleporter at the entrance, choose PARTY!!
The gift is by a crypt nestled in the leaves.

@ Evie's closet.

There's some free to be found.

 The BOHO Fair.
This is a fun little venue , 
nearly every designer has something for either free or 1L.
Here are a few outfits I put together from the goodies I found.

Halloween's a comin.

And of course with the holidays come Hunts!
Here are some of the hunt goodies from
 Sugar & Cyanide 

Happy haunting.